Limite (film)

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Limite Poster.jpg
Directed by Mário Peixoto
Produced by Mário Peixoto
Written by Mário Peixoto
Starring Iolanda Bernardes
Edgar Brasil
Olga Breno
Cinematography Edgar Brasil
Edited by Mario Peixoto
Release date
  • 17 May 1931 (1931-05-17) (Brazilian premiere,
    Capitol Theatre,
    Rio de Janeiro)
Running time
120 minutes
Country Brazil

Limite (Brazilian Portuguese: [lĩˈmitʃi], meaning "Limit" or "Border") is a film by Brazilian director and writer Mário Peixoto (1908–92), filmed in 1930 and first screened in 1931.

By some cited as the greatest of all Brazilian films,[1] this 120-minute silent experimental feature by novelist Peixoto, who never completed another film, was seen by Orson Welles and won the admiration of many, from Sergei Eisenstein to Georges Sadoul to Walter Salles. In 2015 it was voted number 1 on the Abraccine Top 100 Brazilian films list.


A man and two women lost at sea in a rowboat. Their pasts are conveyed in flashbacks throughout the film. The unusual structure has kept the film in the margins of most film histories, where it has been known mainly as a provocative and legendary cult film.[2]

Preservation status[edit]

The film has been restored, with the latest restored version having its American premiere in Brooklyn, New York on November 17, 2010.[1]


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