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Location Glarus
Coordinates 46°50′8″N 9°0′51″E / 46.83556°N 9.01417°E / 46.83556; 9.01417Coordinates: 46°50′8″N 9°0′51″E / 46.83556°N 9.01417°E / 46.83556; 9.01417
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Muttenbach,
canal from Muttsee,
Limmern Glacier
Primary outflows Limmernbach
Catchment area 17.8 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
Basin countries Switzerland
Max. length 3 km (1.9 mi)
Surface area 1.36 km2 (0.53 sq mi)
Max. depth 122 m (400 ft)
Water volume 93 million cubic metres (75,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 1,857 m (6,093 ft)

Limmernsee (or Limmerensee) is a reservoir in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland, between the peaks of Muttenchopf (2,482 m), Selbsanft (2,950 m) and Kistenstöckli (2,746 m). It may be reached by aerial tramway or by foot from Linthal.

The Limmern dam was completed in 1963 and is the largest reservoir used by the Linth–Limmern Power Stations. The lake's surface area is 1.36 km2 (0.53 sq mi).

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