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Limmie & Family Cookin' was an American family pop group from Canton, Ohio.


Although Limmie Snell was born in Dalton, Alabama, his family moved to Canton when he was very young. He recorded with Columbia Records from age 11 as a solo artist before joining family members Jimmy and Martha Snell to form Limmie & the Family Cooking. They released one single on Scepter Records, then signed with Avco Embassy, where they released three singles which hit the UK Singles Chart in 1973-74: "You Can Do Magic" (UK #3), "Dreamboat" (UK #31), and "A Walking Miracle" (UK #6).[1] The last of them was a cover version of a song by The Essex. Despite their success in the United Kingdom, they dented the US charts only once, with "You Can Do Magic" (#84 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #42 on the Billboard R&B chart).[2] Their releases were primarily produced by Sandy Linzer and Steve Metz.

Because of their popularity in the UK, they continued performing there regularly into the 1980s.[3] They split into two musical ensemble, the second of which was formed in 1976 under the name Limmie Funk Unlimited. Its line-up consisted of Limmie on vocals, Nick Straker aka Nick Bailey on keyboards, Pete Hammond on bass guitar, Andy Gierus on guitar and Phil Towner on drums.

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