Limoncocha National Biological Reserve

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Limoncocha National Biological Reserve
Location  Ecuador
Sucumbíos Province
Coordinates 0°24′0″S 76°36′0″W / 0.40000°S 76.60000°W / -0.40000; -76.60000Coordinates: 0°24′0″S 76°36′0″W / 0.40000°S 76.60000°W / -0.40000; -76.60000
Area 46.13 km²
Established 1998

This Nature reserve is located 229 miles from Quito, Ecuador. The reserve includes over 13,000 acres (53 km²) of land in the Shushufindi Canton, Sucumbíos Province.


There is a large concentration of Fauna in and around the reserve. The over 347 species of bird that live in the reserve make Birdwatching very popular attraction. Limoncocha also holds a large number of tortoises and a diverse population of fish.


The park is a largely water environment so a large portion of the Flora in the Nature reserve is either aquatic or semi-aquatic in nature. As with much of Ecuador towering trees provide homes for hundreds of types of animals. The microscopic algae in the water gives it a lemongreen color.

Attractions and Other[edit]

Much of the reserve is a lagoon style landscape that was formed by the ancient course of the Napo River. A small community of Quichua also live in the Reserve.

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