Limonka (newspaper)

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Type newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) National Bolshevik Party
Editor Eduard Limonov
Founded 1994
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Circulation 10.000
Website Limonka

Limonka (Russian: Лимонка) is a Moscow-based newspaper. Limonka is the official organ of the National Bolshevik Party. The name is a play of words on Limonov and is idiomatic Russian for grenade.


Limonka was founded by Eduard Limonov and it was first published in 1994. It was forced to change its name to General Line after the authorities banned it for "promoting extremism and calling on overthrowing the constitutional order".[1] Since then, Limonka was printed in large letters under General Line in a smaller font, along with the note that the paper hasn't come out since September 20, 2002


"Limonka" is stylized into punk zine.[2][3] The newspaper contains articles on radical politics, counterculture[4] and "acute" social issues. The newspaper also publishes reports from street protests and direct actions.


  • Поколение Лимонки (Generation of Limonka), 2005[5] - book of short stories by a young Russian authors
  • Окопная правда Чеченской войны, 2007 Moscow[6] - collection of articles about War in Chechnya that were published in the newspaper Limonka
  • Лимонка в тюрьму (Limonka to a prison), 2012 Moscow[7][8] - memories of political prisoners


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