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Limp Records
Founded 1978
Founder Skip Groff
Defunct 1982
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Rockville, Maryland

Limp Records was an independent record label based out of Rockville, Maryland that operated from 1978 until 1982. Run by Skip Groff out of his Yesterday and Today Records store, Limp was one of the first labels releasing music from the nascent D.C. punk scene. The label's more notable output includes the first Bad Brains release (a song on The Best of Limp (…Rest of Limp)), the second Minor Threat record (a split release with Dischord), and the first record by Black Market Baby. The label's first release was the Slickee Boys second EP.

Much like Stiff Records had Devo's "Be Stiff," a song entitled "Stay Limp" by the Raisinets was included on Limp's :30 Over DC compilation.


On the :30 Over DC album, there are slogans next to the logos on each side of the record. Next to the square logo it says "Limp Records—our business is fitting squares onto round holes." Next to the round logo it says "Limp Records hang a round [sic] on spindles all day."

Run-out groove messages[edit]

The following records have messages etched onto its run-out grooves:
LIMP 005 a-side: "Slickee delic." b-side: "We try to play it you try to like it"
LIMP 007 both sides: "It shoulda been mono"
LIMP 011 a-side: "Read Discords" b-side: "Still only 10¢"
LIMP 030 a-side: "This side's for Rusty" b-side: "This side's for Skip"
LIMP 035 a-side: "Remember Snitch" b-side: "Who's Snitch?"
LIMP 041 a-side: "Hi Henry. Hi Lyle. Never forget" b-side: "There's no place like home"
LIMP 1005 a-side: "You can't always get what you want, so send money!" b-side: "Six on one, half dozen on the other, plus two to go"
INT01 a-side: "Limp Records 'Ideologically sound'" b-side: "Limp Records 'Idea logically sound'"


catalog # artist title/format year notes
EP1001 The Slickee Boys Mersey, Mersey Me 7" EP 1978
002 Tina Peel More Than Just Good Looks 7" EP 1978 split release with Dacoit
003 Shirkers "Drunk and Disorderly" 7" 1978 released with two different sleeves
005 The Slickee Boys 3rd EP 7" 1979
007 D. Ceats Monumental 7" EP 1979 blue vinyl
011 The Nurses "Running Around" 7" 1981
013 The Reind Dears "Xmas (Is Going to Bring Me…)" 7" 1978 red vinyl
029 Nightman "Don't You Know" 7" 1979
030 (The) Razz Airtime 7" EP 1979 split release with O'Rourke
031 (The) Razz "You Can Run (But You Can't Hide)" 7" 1979 split release with O'Rourke
032 Killer Bees Buzz'n the Town 7" 1979
033 The Dark The Dark 7" EP 1981
034 The Nurses "Hearts" 7" 1981 planned reissue that wasn't released
035 Black Market Baby "Potential Suicide" 7" 1981
041 Minor Threat "In My Eyes" 7" 1981 red vinyl, black vinyl; split release with Dischord
INT01 Stiff All-Stars "You Tell Me Lies" 7" 1981 sole release on Limp International
1001 various :30 Over DC LP 1978 red vinyl, gold vinyl, black vinyl
1002 The Korps Hello World LP 1979 blue vinyl
1003 The Slickee Boys Separated Vegetables LP 1980 reissue of a 1977 release
1004 various The Best of Limp (…Rest of Limp) LP 1980
1005 various Connected LP 1981 two different-colored covers
1006 Nightman No Escape LP 1981

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  • :30 Under DC – Annotated discography with comments from label owner Skip Groff.

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