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Limpopo Legislature
5th legislature
Deputy speaker
Seats 49
Limpopo Legislature, 2014 general election.svg
Political groups
Party-list proportional representation
Last election
7 May 2014

The Limpopo Legislature (or Limpopo Provincial Legislature) is the primary legislative body of the South African province of Limpopo. It is unicameral in its composition, and elects the premier and the provincial cabinet from among the members of the leading party or coalition in the parliament.


The Legislature, like all those in South Africa, is chosen via party list proportional representation, for terms of five years, though may be dissolved earlier under certain conditions. The African National Congress has dominated the body since its creation in 1994. The most recent election was held on 7 May 2014. The following table summarises the results.

Party Votes Vote % Seats
African National Congress 1,149,348 78.60 39
Economic Freedom Fighters 156,982 10.74 6
Democratic Alliance 94,724 6.48 3
Congress of the People 12,573 0.86 1
Other parties 48,559 3.32 0
Total 1,462,186 100.0 49


The Speaker is the political head of the legislature, and is assisted by a Deputy Speaker. As of 2015 the Speaker is Ms Polly Boshielo [1] and her deputy is Mr MLA Masoga; they are both members of the African National Congress.

This is a list of Speakers of the Limpopo Provincial Legislature (1994–1995: Northern Transvaal Provincial Legislature, 1995–2003: Northern Province Provincial Legislature):

Name Entered office Left office Party
T.G. Mashamba [2] 1994 ? ANC
Robert Malavi [3][4] ? 2004 ANC
Dr. Tsienuwani Farisani 2004 2008 ANC
KAR Phala 2009 ?


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