Lin'an City

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For other uses, see Lin'an.
County-level city
Country China
Province Zhejiang
Prefecture-level city Hangzhou
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Lin'an City (Chinese: 临安市; Pinyin: Lín'ān Shì) is a county-level city in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. It is located in northwestern Zhejiang.

Lin'an City has an area of 3124 square kilometers, and a population of 573,100 in 2014. The postal code is 311300, and the phone code 0571.

The city government is located at 398 Yijin Street.

The city is rich in natural resources, abundant in rainfall, and has a warm climate. All of these factors work together allowing the city to be covered with 71.3% forest. Such an ecological environment breeds more than 4,700 biological species. Mountains, lakes, forest, hot springs, caves, and other ancient remains are everywhere. The city's da'ming Mountain and Tianmu Mountain are its well-known attractions.



This city was once the capital of the southern Song Dynasty.



College and universities[edit]

College and universities[edit]

Famous people[edit]

  • Qian Liu (852-932), known as Qian Poliu during his childhood, was a warlord of the late Tang dynasty who founded the Wuyue kingdom.
  • Dong Chang (died 896), warlord who became a short-lived emperor in modern Zhejiang.

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