Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum

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Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum
Lin AnTai Old HomeStead.jpg
EstablishedMay 2000
LocationZhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Coordinates25°04′18.3″N 121°31′49.3″E / 25.071750°N 121.530361°E / 25.071750; 121.530361Coordinates: 25°04′18.3″N 121°31′49.3″E / 25.071750°N 121.530361°E / 25.071750; 121.530361

The Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum (Chinese: 林安泰古厝; pinyin: Línāntài Gǔcuò) is a museum in Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.[1]


In 1978, the building failed to be registered as historical site, thus putting it at risk of demolition for the Dunhua South Road expansion project. However, after petitions of scholars and experts, the building managed to be relocated and rebuilt. The building was opened to the public as a museum in May 2000. In 2010, its courtyard underwent extension.[2]


The building follows the southern Fujian style courtyard. Rocks that cover the front yard of the house are the rocks taken from what was mainland merchants used to stabilize their ships. There is a pond in front of the house used for defense purpose and also for drinking and fire extinguisher.[3]


The museum is accessible within walking distance east of Yuanshan Station of Taipei Metro.

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