Lin Hsiung-cheng

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Lin Hsiung-cheng.

Lin Hsiung-cheng (Chinese: 林熊徵; November 5, 1888 - November 27, 1946), born in Pangkio, Tamsui District, Taipeh Prefecture, Fujian-Taiwan Province, Qing Taiwan (modern-day Banqiao District, New Taipei, Taiwan), was a Taiwanese banker and philanthropist. He was a member of the Lin Ben Yuan Family, the richest family of Taiwan in the late Qing dynasty[1] and Japanese-ruled Era. He was the richest person of Taiwan in his time.[2] He joined the Tongmenghui in 1904, and supported the Sun Yat-sen's revolutions as a patronage. Lin was a co-founder of the Hua Nan Bank. He also participated in other businesses such as sugar production, railroad building, or coal mining. His father was Lin Erh-kang (林爾康). His only son is Lin Ming-cheng, the current chairman of Hua Nan Financial Holdings.


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