Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

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Coordinates: 25°03′21″N 121°30′33″E / 25.05583°N 121.50917°E / 25.05583; 121.50917

Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum
林柳新紀念偶戲館-不遺餘力推展台灣本土文化為傳統偶戲美學發聲 - panoramio.jpg
General information
Type Museum
Location Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan
Opening 2000 (TTT Puppet Centre)
November 2005 (Lin Liu-hsin Puppet Theatre Museum)
Management Robin Ruizendaal (director)[1]

The Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum (Chinese: 台原亞洲偶戲博物館; pinyin: Táiyuán Yàzhōu Ôuxì Bówùguǎn) is a museum of puppet theatre in Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan. It aims to preserve and promote traditional Asian puppet culture and to foster interaction between local and international puppet troupes.[2] It houses more than 10,000 puppet theater items from around the world, including glove, shadow, string and water puppets.[1]


The museum was originally established in 2000 as the TTT Puppet Centre. It was then renamed as the Lin Liu-hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (Chinese: 林柳新紀念偶戲博物館; pinyin: Lín Liǔxīn Jìniàn Ŏuxì Bówùguǎn) in November 2005 before it was known as its current name.


The museum is accessible within walking distance north of Beimen Station of Taipei Metro.

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