Lin Ma Hang

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Lin Ma Hang
Lin Ma Hang with Wutongshan of Shenzhen in the background
Ip Ancestral Hall

Lin Ma Hang (Chinese: 蓮麻坑) is a village in the Sha Tau Kok area of Hong Kong and is situated north of the New Territories, next to the Shenzhen river, east of Heung Yuen Wai and west of Hung Fa Leng.

Until January 4, 2016, the village was situated in the Frontier Closed Area and was therefore inaccessible to non-permit holders. Since 4 January 2016 the village was excluded from the Frontier Closed Area. Nonetheless, a portion of Lin Ma Hang Road, the access road to the village still falls within the closed area. Therefore, permits are still required for anyone who visiting the village by road.


People originated in the village are the Yip (葉) (or Ip, Yap, Yapp), Lau (劉), Sin (冼) and Koon (官) (or Kwun). It is named after a fruit called Lin Ma (蓮麻) that can be found in the mid-level streams.

A lead mine was in operation in Lin Ma Hang starting in 1915.[1] Pb–Zn ore was mined there. The mine operated intermittently between 1915 and 1958, producing 16,000 tonnes of lead metal and 360,000 ounces of silver.[2] The Government rescinded the mining lease in 1962 and the mine was abandoned the same year.[1]

Fauna and flora[edit]

The abandoned lead mine now holds one of the most important bat colonies in Hong Kong, and was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1994.[3][4]

The Lin Ma Hang Stream was designated as a SSSI in 2008.[5] It supports 17 species of primary freshwater fish, representing 50% of all such species native to Hong Kong.[6]

The village is situated in the basin of the Robin's Nest (Chinese: 紅花嶺) which is famous for its abundance in "Hanging Bell Flowers" (吊鐘花).

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Coordinates: 22°33′05″N 114°10′58″E / 22.551265°N 114.182689°E / 22.551265; 114.182689