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This is a list of the main characters and fictional politicians from the short-lived Fox television show Vanished.

Jeffrey Collins[edit]

Senator Jeffrey Collins is a Republican senator from Georgia; the disappearance of his wife. Throughout the series, he wavers in his decision whether to confirm Judge Wallace Rainer to the Supreme Court or not, believing he is part of the conspiracy and is using her to make him confirm Rainer. When he believed that Sara was killed, he stood firm in his stance to not confirm him; however, Agent Graham Kelton informed him that the murder scene was staged. Believing that he was going to vote against crunchy, one of the kidnappers named Morrel threatened to kill Sara right in front of his eyes, but the shot turned out to be a blank, but more importantly, a warning to confirm Rainer. Jeffrey does so, but is astounded when doesn't get the call from the kidnappers informing him where Sara will be released. Agent Lucas then tells him that the whole kidnapping was a wider plot whose main objective was to release a death-row criminal who could decipher an important message for the kidnappers.

Marcy Collins[edit]

Marcy Collins is the daughter of Senator Jeffrey Collins and step daughter of the missing Sara Collins. Her boyfriend, Ben Wilson, is arrested as part of the Sara Collins disappearance. Marcy plays a part in the capturing of Ben, but then helps him get bail, after she thinks that he was set up. Her mother gives her the money to bail him out. She was pregnant, but she miscarried. She believes that Wallace Rainer caused the miscarriage by slipping her an abortifacient. She only tells her boyfriend Ben that the father could possibly be Wallace Rainer after she miscarries.

Max Collins[edit]

Max Collins is the son of Senator Jeffrey Collins and stepson of the missing Sara Collins. He is played by John Patrick Amedori. Max is a troubled teen, and after getting caught stealing and crashing one of his father's limousines Sara sent him to a home for troubled teens. Later in the series, a video showing his dislike of Sara is played in her cell, although it is unknown whether the kidnappers made that or if it is truly authentic.

Sara Collins[edit]

Sara Collins is the second wife of Senator Jeffrey Collins, and her disappearance spurs the events that drive the plot of the series. She is portrayed by Joanne Kelly.

Sara, before her abduction, was a Kindergarten teacher. She met Jeffrey Collins when he visited the school as part of his senatorial campaign. After the event Jeffrey asked her out on a date. While his campaign often interfered with their schedule, Jeffrey eventually proposed to Sara. She accepted and they got married. Many people then credited with Jeffrey's subsequent win to his marriage to Sara, since more people were able to relate to him.

Later, she became an owner of a charity centered towards helping troubled children. Before she disappeared, she sent her stepson, Max, to a home for troubled teens. Unbeknownst to Jeffery, this was the same place that she was sent to as a teenager. While there she was tortured, but was later able to escape.

Following Sara's abduction, the FBI opened an investigation, with Special Agent Graham Kelton called in to head the case. They soon discover that Sara's abduction is part of a wider conspiracy.

While being held people try to turn her against Jeffrey for unknown reasons. When the FBI discovers where she is being held and storms the place, she escapes into the forest, not knowing that it was the FBI who had come for her. She soon meets a highway patrol cop and tells him who she is. When told the FBI investigation team instructed him not to let her talk with her family, she is stunned, but still lets the police officers to take her to the local police department where she is given a meal and told to rest until the FBI team comes.

However, the kidnappers are able to track her with a device that was implanted into Sara's arm while she was in captivity. They dress up as FBI officers and go to the police department and shoot everyone there. Sara sees this and the FBI uniforms and flees.

At a local gas station, she discovers the tracking device. Using a piece of glass she was able to remove it. Sara then sought refuge in a suburban home, but later discovered that the mother wanted to alert the FBI for the reward money involved. Thinking the FBI wanted to kidnap her again, she escapes once again, this time buying a train ticket heading home. She then goes to her former fiance, Peter Manning, telling him she had "no other place to go." They then embrace. Sara's ultimate fate, due to the ending of the series, is unknown.

Graham Kelton[edit]

Graham Kelton was the lead FBI investigator in the disappearance of Sara Collins. He was played by Gale Harold. Before the Collins case he helped find Nathen Miller, grandson of Supreme Court judge Gil Prescott, however while delivering 1,000,000 dollars to the kidnapper, the kidnapper pulled an explosive control killing Nathen Miller and critically injuring Kelton. He spent almost a year in the hospital for a crushed lung a broken skull and a serious head trauma, leaving him in a coma for 4 months. He returned to work 2 weeks before Sara Collins vanished.

When it was believed that Sara Collins was dead, Kelton was forced to take a leave of absence from his position. After realizing that Sara was alive, Kelton tried to alert Senator Collins but was shot five times by a man named Evil Ben Franklin. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. The last thing he saw before he died was a hallucination of Sara over him. He received FBI honors after his death, including having his picture added to the Wall of Martyrs.

In the television show Bones a character named Graham Kelton is called "a creep" by Special Agent Seeley Booth. Graham Kelton had apparently the best chair at the F.B.I., however, like Graham Kelton, this turned out to be a dud. This is likely a reference to Vanished, seeing as creator Josh Berman was also a writer on Bones.

Daniel Lucas[edit]

Daniel Lucas, portrayed by Eddie Cibrian, is the Special Supervisory Agent for the FBI Criminal Investigations Unit, a group located at the agency's Washington D.C. headquarters. He is an old acquaintance of FBI investigator Agent Graham Kelton, as they graduated from the FBI's training academy together. After Kelton was murdered by Edward Morell, Lucas transferred himself to Atlanta to lead the investigation in the Sara Collins case and bring Kelton's murderer to justice.

Lin Mei[edit]

Lin Mei, portrayed by Ming-Na, is an FBI Agent stationed in the Atlanta, Georgia office and investigated the disappearance of Sara Collins. Mei is a field agent who was partnered with Agent Graham Kelton until his death. Even though she was offered the choice to leave, she decided to remain on the case. She then joined up with new lead investigator Agent Daniel Lucas. Throughout the rest of the series, she expressed the desire to avenge Graham's death, and even tried to once with no results. She often acts as a backup.

Judy Nash[edit]

Judy Nash is a reporter investigating the disappearance of Sara Collins. She is played by Rebecca Gayheart.

Adam Putnam[edit]

Adam Putnam is a cameraman working with Judy Nash investigating the missing Sara Collins, and is also her lover. He later breaks up with her when she shows distrust in him and is never seen again. He is played by Robert Hoffman.

Michael Tyner[edit]

Michael Tyner served as the head of the FBI's Atlanta headquarters as well as an overseer to the Sara Collins case throughout the series' run. He often let the investigation into the Sara Collins case go unhindered, but when Graham Kelton disobeyed a direct order not to communicate with the media without his permission, he nearly fired Graham. In a plot twist in the last episode, it is revealed that he is part of the Masonic group after Sara Collins.

Ben Wilson[edit]

Ben Wilson is the erstwhile boyfriend of Marcy Collins. He is played by Christopher Egan. Ben has a criminal record; he spent 4 years in juvenile hall for beating up and robbing a man, 3 months for vandalism and 8 years for drug dealing. His parents died in a shipwreck when he was 4. Ben met Marcy while working as a cater-waiter for a Christmas party at the Collins estate.

Ben was arrested on suspicion of being involved in Sara's disappearance, He was bailed out of jail by Marcy's mother, although the money came from Senator Collins' deputy as a payoff for Marcy's mother to disappear. Marcy told Ben that she was pregnant with his child, although it appears the father could also have been Judge Wallace Rainer, as he and Marcy had had a sexual relationship some months before. At the end of the last episode he broke into Wallace Rainer's townhouse and shot him 3 times in the heart.

List of fictional politicians in the series[edit]

Senators voting for Judge Wallace Rainer[edit]

  • Senator Richard Mazarra (R-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman) South Carolina
  • Senator Diana Carroll (D) New Mexico
  • Senator Jessica Kerman (R) Alabama
  • Senator Michael Patterson (D) Alaska
  • Senator Lauch MacDonald (R) Michigan
  • Senator Mack Wellton (D) Vermont
  • Senator Bob Sexington (D) Wyoming
  • Senator Roy Buckdonis (D) Delaware
  • Senator Joe Wellson (R) Ohio
  • Senator Jeffrey Collins (R) Georgia
    • Elected in 1998.

Senators voting against Judge Wallace Rainer[edit]

  • Senator Kristin Stratton (D) Indiana
  • Senator Patricia Houston (R) Texas
  • Senator Helene Coleman (R) Nebraska
  • Senator Lynn Taos-Kahn (R) Kansas
  • Senator Benjamin Lassiter (R) New York
  • Senator Jon Cunningham (D) Montana
  • Senator Kyl Ventress (R) Arizona
  • Senator Ellery Bultman (D) Arkansas


  • Senator Lincoln Daley (R-Texas)
  • Former Senator Eugene Collins (R-Georgia)
    • Served in the Senate for 4 terms or 24 years. He was the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.
      • Elected in 1962 and served through 1987.


  • Representative Allen Leonard (R-Georgia)
  • Representative Warren Upton (D-Georgia)


  • Mayor Curtis McNeal (D-Atlanta, Georgia)

Supreme Court[edit]

  • Justice Wallace Rainer
    • Assassinated by Ben Wilson
  • Justice Alexander Thomas
  • Justice Gil Prescott
  • Justice Elizabeth Mulright

Cabinet members[edit]

  • Deputy Attorney General Robert Rubia

Other politicians[edit]

The following is a list of politicians who died in office because of a plane crash.

  • Governor Mel Carnahan (D-Missouri)
  • Senator Jack Wellstrom (D-Minnesota)
  • Senator Hugh Cullen (R-Wyoming)
  • Senator Christine Turner (R-Louisiana)