Lina Allemano

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Lina Allemano
Born (1979-10-20) October 20, 1979 (age 39)
GenresJazz, free improvisation
Associated actsHoward Johnson, Don Byron, Dave Holland, Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas, Ingrid Jensen, Achim Kaufmann, Christian Weber

Lina Allemano (October 20, 1979) is a Canadian musician in the genre of jazz and free improvisation.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Allemano started trumpet playing when she was ten years old. Her first tutor was her father, who makes her also familiar with jazz. When she was 12, she began to take classical lessons. Her first club concert was at the age of 15. For education, she moved from Edmonton to Toronto in 1993, where she still lives. She became immediately a part of the local scene and performed with Howard Johnson, Don Byron, Dave Holland, Mike Murley and Joe Lovano. She was invited by Dave Douglas to the Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York City, where she appeared on the scene with Ingrid Jensen and drew the attention of Down Beat as seen in the article "25 Trumpeters for the Future: A New Generation of Trumpeters Pave the Way for Jazz's Next Innovations". Allemano's quartet Lina Allemano Four performs free jazz and has released six albums. In 2012 she toured Europe with the group. In 2014 she appeared in Europe with Achim Kaufmann and Christian Weber.

She composes "exciting pieces, which oscillate between complexity and anarchic freedom."[2] She leads also the improvisation ensemble Titanium Riot, the other members of which were Ryan Driver (analog synthesizer), Rob Clutton (bass guitar) and Nick Fraser (Percussion). She has also performed with The Paul Read Orchestra, Tim Posgate Horn Band, Cluttertones, The Jane Fair/Rosemary Galloway quintet, The Neufeld-Occhipienti Jazz Orchestra and as a sidewoman for groups with Marianne Trudel, Achilla Orru, Rob Clutton, Victor Bateman and Tania Gill. She has appeared on more than 40 albums.

Partial discography[edit]

As a Leader or Co-Leader

  • Dikeman/Allemano/Svirsky/Baggiani, The 2nd Path to NowHere, Flea Boy Records (Amsterdam) 2018
  • Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot, Squish It!, Lumo Records 2017 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Sometimes Y, Lumo Records 2017 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Glamour Nails (Justin Haynes/Lina Allemano), Glamour Nails, Bandcamp 2016
  • Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot, Kiss The Brain, Lumo Records 2014 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Live at the Tranzac, Lumo Records 2012 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Jargon, Lumo Records 2010 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Gridjam, Lumo Records 2008 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Pinkeye, Lumo Records 2006 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • Lina Allemano Four, Concentric, Lumo Records 2003 [Produced by Lina Allemano]
  • William Carn / Lina Allemano, Old Souls, Carn-Allemano Productions 1998

As a Sideperson

  • The Cluttertones, Leeways 2018
  • Satoko Fujii Orchestra Berlin, Ninety-Nine Years, Libra Records 2018
  • The Cluttertones, Ordinary Joy, Healing Power Records 2015
  • Marianne Trudel Septet, Espoir et Autres Pouvoirs, Effendi Records 2011
  • Tania Gill, Bolger Station, Barnyard Records 2010
  • Paul Read Orchestra, Arc-En-Ciel, Addo Records 2010
  • Tim Posgate Horn Band Featuring Howard Johnson, Banjo Hockey, Black Hen 2009
  • Tim Posgate Horn Band Featuring Howard Johnson, Guildwood Records 2005
  • Tim Posgate, In the Future of Your Dream, Guildwood Records 2004
  • Tim Posgate, Jazzstory, Guildwood Records 2002
  • NOJO, Explores the Dark Side of the Moon, True North Records 2010
  • NOJO, Highwire, True North Records 2002
  • NOJO, You Are Here, True North Records 1998
  • Jane Fair/Rosemary Galloway Quintet, Playin' Jane, Independent 2010
  • Jane Fair/Rosemary Galloway Quintet, Waltz Out, Independent 2002
  • Achilla Orru, Dho-Mach (Sacred Gift), Independent 2004
  • Achilla Orru, Te-Kwarro, Independent 2001
  • Rob Clutton, Holstein Dream Pageant, Snail Bong Bong Records 2002
  • Rob Clutton, Tender Buttons, Snail Bong Bong Records 2000
  • Sloan, Navy Blues, Universal/Murderecords 1998
  • Royal Wood, A Good Enough Day, DDR/Outside Music 2007
  • Victor Bateman, Jazz Guy, 1999
  • Lorie Wolf, Taibele and her Demon, 2008