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Lina Yakubova (23 December 1976 – 21 March 2011) was a documentary film producer and writer. She was born to an Assyrian father, Albert Yakubov and Armenian mother, Karina Khachaturyan in the Assyrian Village of Dmitrovo (Qoyalasar), Armenia. She eventually moved to Artashat with her family where she lived for the remainder of her life.[1] Yakubova spoke Assyrian, Armenian, Russian and English. She attended the Erevan Institute of Theatre and Cinema.[1] She received her undergraduate degree in Cinematography and in 2006 Yakubova was a PhD candidate. She worked at the Central Radio of Armenia, presenting programs primarily about Assyrians and Armenians. During a visit to Los Angeles, California, Yakubova died unexpectedly at the age of 35. The cause of death was reported as undiagnosed liver cancer.[1] Funeral services were held in Los Angeles on 25 March 2011. Yakubova produced and wrote several documentary films about Assyrians and Armenians specifically for the two communities.

Documentary filmography[edit]

Year Title Note Credit/Notes
2006 Ancestral Home Three Part Documentary: I. Syria (Asoriq), II. Khabur, III. Heritage producer, writer
2006 Gates of the East producer, writer
2005 A Forgotten Page of a Nation producer, writer
2005 Second Homeland Two Part Documentary: I. Urmi, II. Community producer, writer
2003 Assyrians in Armenia ISBN 0-9744450-8-8 producer, writer
2009 Assyrian Way Three Part Documentary: I. To Survive Through..., II. Revival, III. To Itemize the Portrait producer, writer
???? Assyrian Poetry Collection producer, writer
2009 Paths of Fate producer, writer
2010 The Power of Faith producer, writer
2010 Alphabet. Our Assyrian Heritage producer, writer


Year Title Note Credit/Notes
2007 Assyrian Way CD producer
2007 Chants from the East 3 CD Collection of Liturgical Music of the Assyrian church of the East producer


Year Title Note Credit/Notes
2008 Chants from the East The Liturgical Music of the Assyrian church of the East producer

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