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Linamar Corporation
Traded as TSXLNR
S&P/TSX Composite Component
Industry Automotive, Manufacturing of high precision machined and assembled components
Founded August 17, 1966 by Frank Hasenfratz as Linamar Machine Limited in Ariss, Ontario
Headquarters Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Frank Hasenfratz - Chairman
Linda Hasenfratz - CEO
Number of employees
25,700 worldwide (2018)[1]
Linamar corporate headquarters

Linamar Corporation is a publicly traded Canadian manufacturing company which operates worldwide. It is Canada's second-largest automobile parts manufacturer (after Magna International). Linamar manufactures and supplies automotive and industrial markets with factories across North America, Europe, and Asia. Linamar has two divisions, Powertrain/Driveline and Industrial. These are further divided into the areas of machining and assembly, light metal casting (Montupet), forging (Seissenschmidt), aerial work platforms (Skyjack), and agricultural equipment (Harvestec).

Based in Guelph, Ontario, The company's various operations employ nearly 26,000 persons worldwide in a total of 59 manufacturing plants, 6 R&D centres and 21 sales offices in 17 countries, most located in North America. Total sales in 2016 were $6 billion.[1]


Linamar was founded in 1966 by the Hungarian refugee Ferenc[2] (Frank) Hasenfratz[3] who escaped from his country during the Russian crackdown precipitated by the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He had attended technical schools in Hungary and had been employed as a toolmaker. According to Forbes, he started the small operation in his basement in 1964[4] in Ariss, Ontario.[5] The company, with a staff of five, was incorporated in 1966 as Linamar Machine Limited, named after his two daughters, Linda and Nancy and his late wife Margaret.[6] Linamar's first major contract was to manufacture automotive oil pumps for Ford.[7]

Hasenfratz is now the Chairman while the current CEO is Linda Hasenfratz; the company is headquartered in Guelph, Ontario.[8]

Linamar is a major factor in the economy of Southern Ontario, Canada. As a result, the federal government agreed to provide $50.7 million in a repayable loan to Linamar through its Automotive Innovation Fund and the province pledged up to $50.25 million in a one-time grant in January 2015. That funding, plus an internal investment of $400 million (by the company) was intended for expansion that was expected to create 1,200 jobs in Guelph, Ontario by 2025. (Over 8000 people were employed by Linamar in that city at the time.)[9]

An early 2018 announcement indicated that the company would receive additional funding from the federal and provincial governments, up to $101 million, for expansion that would create 1500 additional job and maintain 8,000 others.[10][11] CEO Linda Hasenfratz who is one of the members of the federal NAFTA advisory panel,[10] told the news media that the funding would enable the expansion of its parts for conventional, hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.[12] At that time, the company employed 9,000 individuals in Canada, most in Guelph.[1] The number of manufacturing plants in Ontario totalled, with all but one in Guelph.[11] "We plan to continue to invest in this evolving factory of the future in many different ways with a focus on areas such as vision systems, collaborative advanced robotics, incorporating sensors into our products, and collecting that data to help us improve product design," she added.[13] A federal government press release indicated that some of the funding would support artificial intelligence, three-dimensional printing and clean technology.[10] The provincial government's release stated that the funding would enable the company to build next-generation transmissions and drive trains, high-efficiency engine parts and develop technologies for electric and connected vehicles and would also help create an innovation centre for R&D on artificial intelligence, machine learning, collaborative robotics and other technology.[14] The company planned up to $500 million over the long term investing in high-tech programs such as artificial intelligence.[15]

World presence[edit]


The corporate office is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Guelph, Ontario[edit]

  • Autocom Mfg.
  • Camcor Mfg.
  • Camtac Mfg.
  • Cemtol Mfg.
  • Comtech Mfg.
  • Corvex Mfg.
  • Eston Mfg.
  • Hastech Mfg.
  • Linergy Mfg. Inc.
  • Linamar Gear
  • Linamar Transportation Inc.
  • Linamar Performance Centre (LPC)
  • Linex Mfg.
  • LPP Mfg.Inc.
  • PowerCor Mfg.
  • Quadrad Mfg.
  • Roctel Mfg.
  • Skyjack Inc, Plants 1 and 2
  • Spinic Mfg.
  • The Frank Hasenfratz Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing {The Centre}
  • Transgear Mfg.
  • Traxle Mfg.
  • Vehcom Mfg.
  • Webstercor Mfg.

Windsor, Ontario[edit]

  • Exkor Manufacturing

United States[edit]


  • Skyjack Mfg. S.W.


  • Skyjack Product Support


  • Eagle Manufacturing CO. L.L.C.


  • Linamar Sales Corp.
  • Linamar U.S.A. INC.
  • McLaren Performance Technologies INC. (McLaren Engineering)

North Carolina[edit]

  • Linamar North Carolina (Pisgah & Mitchell locations)
  • Linamar Forgings Carolina, Inc. (LFC)







United Kingdom[edit]




South Korea[edit]


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