Lincoln (provincial electoral district)

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Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Ontario
First contested1867
Last contested1995

Lincoln is a historical provincial electoral division in Ontario, Canada, which was represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario between 1867 and 1999. It was located on the Niagara Peninsula; at various times, there was also a federal electoral district of the same name represented in the House of Commons.

Members of Provincial Parliament[edit]

Assembly Years Member Party
1st  1867–1871     John Charles Rykert Conservative
2nd  1871–1874
3rd  1875–1879     Sylvester Neelon Liberal
4th  1879–1883
5th  1883–1886
6th  1886–1890 William Garson
7th  1890–1894     James Hiscott Conservative
8th  1894–1898
9th  1898–1902 Elisha Jessop
10th  1902–1904
11th  1905–1908
12th  1908–1911
13th  1911–1914
14th  1914–1919     Thomas Marshall Liberal
15th  1919–1923
16th  1923–1926     Robert Kemp United Farmers
17th  1926–1929     Progressive
18th  1929–1934     Sidney Wilson Conservative
19th  1934–1937     Frederick Avery Liberal
20th  1937–1942 Archibald Haines
21st  1943–1945     Charles Daley Progressive Conservative
22nd  1945–1948
23rd  1948–1951
24th  1951–1955
25th  1955–1959
26th  1959–1963
27th  1963–1967 Bob Welch
28th  1967–1971
29th  1971–1975
30th  1975–1977     Ross Hall Liberal
31st  1977–1981
32nd  1981–1985     Philip Andrewes Progressive Conservative
33rd  1985–1987
34th  1987–1990     Harry Pelissero Liberal
35th  1990–1995     Ron Hansen New Democratic
36th  1995–1999     Frank Sheehan Progressive Conservative
Riding merged into Erie—Lincoln and Niagara Centre