Lincoln Gap (Vermont)

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Lincoln Gap
Elevation2,424 ft (739 m)[1]
Traversed byLincoln Gap Road
LocationLincoln (Addison County), Vermont, United States
RangeGreen Mountains
Coordinates44°05′42″N 072°55′44″W / 44.09500°N 72.92889°W / 44.09500; -72.92889Coordinates: 44°05′42″N 072°55′44″W / 44.09500°N 72.92889°W / 44.09500; -72.92889[2]
Topo mapUSGS Lincoln

Lincoln Gap is a mountain pass in the Green Mountains of the U.S. state of Vermont. The highest point of the gap is located in the town of Lincoln in Addison County approximately 0.5 miles (0.8 km) west of the boundary between Lincoln and the town of Warren in Washington County.

At 2,424 feet (739 m), Lincoln Gap is the highest vehicle-accessible mountain pass in Vermont.[3] Lincoln Gap Road, which traverses the gap, is not plowed in the winter.

On the east side, Lincoln Gap is drained by Lincoln Brook, which drains into the Mad River, the Winooski River, and into Lake Champlain. To the west, the gap is drained by Cota Brook, which drains into the New Haven River, Otter Creek, and into Lake Champlain. In turn, Lake Champlain drains into the Richelieu River in Québec, thence into the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

The Long Trail, a 272-mile (438-km) hiking trail running the length of Vermont, crosses Lincoln Gap between Mount Grant 3.9 miles (6.3 km) to the south and Mount Abraham 2.6 miles (4.2 km) to the north.[1] The Breadloaf Wilderness lies directly south of the gap.


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