Lincoln Stein

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Lincoln Stein
Born Lincoln David Stein
1960 (age 55–56)[1]
Fields Genome Informatics[2]
Alma mater Harvard University
Thesis Cloning of developmentally regulated genes from Schistosoma mansoni (1989)
Notable awards Ben Franklin Award (2004)

Professor Lincoln David Stein is a scientist and leader in bioinformatics and computational biology at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.[2][3][4]


Stein completed a Doctor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a PhD in Cell Biology at Harvard University both in 1989[5] via the MD-PhD program. His thesis investigated gene cloning in Schistosoma mansoni.[5]


From 1992-1997 he was a director of informatics at the MIT Genome Centre, Whitehead Institute of Biomedical Research. From 1998 to 2004 he was an Associate Professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He has been working at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research since 2007.


Stein's current research projects[2][4] include Reactome,[6] WormBase,[6] BioPerl,[7] Gramene,[8] ENCODE,[9][10][11] the Generic Model Organism Database,[12] the Sequence Ontology[13] and Cloud computing.[14]

Stein is also the original developer of and a contributor to mod_perl, both widely used in the Perl programming language for web applications, as well as many other Perl modules and associated books.[15][16][17][18][19]

Awards and honours[edit]

Stein was awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award (Bioinformatics) in 2004.[20]


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