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Lincs FM
Lincs FM logo.png
Broadcast area Lincolnshire & Newark
Slogan Hear the Difference
Frequency DAB
96.7 MHz (Grantham)
97.6 MHz (Scunthorpe)
102.2 MHz (Lincolnshire)
First air date 1 March 1992
Format Classic hits & Contemporary Hits
Owner Lincs FM Group
Sister stations Compass FM
Dearne FM
Ridings FM
Rother FM
Rutland Radio
Trax FM

Lincs FM is a UK Independent Local Radio radio station serving Lincolnshire and Newark, from the Humber to The Wash. It broadcasts on 96.7, 97.6 and 102.2FM, and online. The station plays a variety of classic hits from the 1970s through to the 2000s, including current Top 40 hits. The current station slogan is "Hear the Difference".


The station has an 18.7% share of all radio listening within its TSA (RAJAR February 2016). Lincs FM broadcasts from studios at Witham Park in Lincoln, next to the River Witham at the far end of Waterside South.

Budget cuts within the Lincs FM Group mean that Lincs FM, amongst others within the group, have restricted live programming. The station used to provide live radio 24/7, but now use automation (where the presenter's links between the records are all pre-recorded but made to sound live) between 2200-0600.

Award nominations[edit]

In 2002, 2003, 2006 and 2007, the station was nominated for a Sony Radio Award for Station of the Year in the 300,000 to 1 m listeners category. Jane Hill (now a novelist and stand-up comedian) was nominated for Station Programmer of the Year in 2004. David Lloyd, who helped launch the station was one of the judges.


Stamp End lock next to the radio station

The main transmitter 102.2 FM signal comes from the Belmont transmitting station. It also has lower-powered frequencies in Grantham, south of the town near the bypass, on 96.7 FM and Trent View Flats (near the John Leggott College) in Scunthorpe on 97.6 FM. Lincs FM can be clearly heard in northern Nottinghamshire and eastern South Yorkshire. The Belmont transmitter has the Digital One and recently Lincs FM has their own multiplex. This operates on the old MXR frequency 12B. Now this change has happened Lincs FM can be heard across the whole of the county and not just part of it.

DAB licence[edit]

The Lincolnshire DAB licence was advertised[1][2] on 24 October 2007, with a likely bidder in place by late 2008. The far south of the county (South Holland, Bourne & Stamford) will not be covered (as it is covered by the Peterborough multiplex), yet all of North and North East Lincolnshire will be. On 24 January 2008, Ofcom received one application for the Lincolnshire DAB licence - from MuxCo Lincolnshire, which is 51% owned by Lincs FM Group, and was awarded on 19 February 2008.[3] It will also carry Compass FM and another new Lincs FM digital-only station called Lincs County, and use four transmitters at Belmont, High Hunsley (East Riding of Yorkshire), Grantham and Lincoln County Hospital. It should be available by 2011, being originally planned for July 2009.


The station have used the "Link-up" jingle package produced by S2blue. In 2010 they introduced a resing of the South London Radio 107.3 package, also from s2blue. In 2013, a package from Audio Sweets replaced all existing idents.

The strapline for the station is "the difference is...". This re-uses the slogan the group used back in the 1990s.

Trent View House transmitter site in west Scunthorpe, overlooks the Trent Valley, and was originally to be a site for the EMAP Digital Radio (now Bauer Humberside) multiplex


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