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Linda Aslaksen and her Buffy Sainte-Marie artwork at the 2019 Riddu Riđđu Festival

Linda Charlotte Aslaksen, also known as Zina, (born 1986)[1] is a Sámi artist and educator from Porsgrunn in the south of Norway. After spending several years in Shoreditch, London, where she gained fame as a street artist, in 2018 she returned to Norway to teach at the art school in Karasjok.[2][3]


Born in Porsgrunn in the south of Norway, Linda Charlotte Aslaksen is the daughter of parents from Karasjok in the far north.[2][4] She is a graduate in illustration and graphic design from University College Falmouth.[5][6] From 2010, Aslaksen spent several years in London where, thanks to friends who demonstrated the technique, she became a street artist based in Shoreditch.[7] Recognition was triggered by a painting of a muscle man for a training centre in February 2014. It was to be the first of many more, allowing her to make a living as a full-time artist. Her predominately blue works often depict women and children. She became even more successful after receiving a contract from Beefeater Gin.[8] Huffington Post referred to her as one of the world's 25 most notable female street artists.[9]

In August 2016, after nine years in London, she moved back to Norway, settling in Alta, Finnmark. There she caused something of a commotion after painting the walls of the young people's school. Later she attracted attention from far and wide in nearby Sørvær by creating a portrait of a traditional fisherman wearing earphones headed "Sørøy Rocken" on the wall of a fish factory. "There's no doubt who should be this year's artist at the Sørøyrocken Festival," commented its cultural expert Ken Arne Brox.[4][10]

In 2018, Aslaksen was given an appointment as a teacher at the art school in Karasjok, not far from Alta where she lives.[2] She also collaborates with Alta's Sisa Cultural Centre, participating in workshops in the local schools.[11]


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