Linda Avey

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Linda Avey
Linda Avey in 2008.jpg
Born 1960
South Dakota
Residence Woodside, CA
Citizenship American
Nationality American
Fields Personal genomics,
Institutions 23andMe
Alma mater Augustana University[1]
Known for Co-founder of 23andMe

Linda Avey (born 1960) is an American biologist and the co-founder of 23andMe and Curious, Inc.[2]

Avey earned a BA at Augustana University. She spent 20 years in sales and business development in biopharmaceuticals. Avey helped develop research programs for Affymetrix and Perlegen Sciences.[3]

In 2006, she co-founded the world's first personal genetics service 23andMe with Paul Cusenza and Anne Wojcicki.[4] In September 2009, Avey left 23andMe and started Brainstorm Research Foundation, focused on accelerating research in Alzheimer's disease.[5]

In 2011, Avey co-founded Curious, Inc. with Mitsu Hadeishi and Heather Anne Halpert.[6] "Curious is an open workspace we're designing to help individuals answer questions about their well-being through personal data aggregation and discovery."[7][8]


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