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Linda Chorney is an American singer-songwriter.

Originally from Sudbury, Massachusetts, Chorney made history by being the first independent artist to get nominated for Best Americana Album in 2012 without a manager, label, or publicist by utilizing the Grammy 365 Social Networking site.[1] She is a 1978 graduate of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and studied at the University of Miami. Her album, Emotional Jukebox, is one of five nominated for the 2012 Grammy Award in the category of Best Americana Album.[2] Her nomination, gained through a voting process on the website, was discussed on blogs and social networks by members of the Americana music community and unfoundedly considered "gaming the system" by some, due to her relatively unknown status.[3]

Linda Chorney is a TEDx Speaker. In 2013 Chorney released her first book, "Who the F**K Is Linda Chorney." sharing the crazy experience of her nomination, and plans on making a feature film on the content. Chorney recently became a filmmaker, completing her first documentary, THE OPENING ACT, to be released in 2016. It has won for Best Documentary in IFA, and APMF Festival so far.

Chorney, also to her credit has been active in humanitarian efforts, helping erect a bronze statue of Martin Richard, (the 8 year old victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy) at Bridgewater State University, through the efforts of her song, Martin.


  • Mt Blunt Instrument (1995)
  • Racing With Reality (1998)
  • Me So Chorney (2001)
  • 1 Kiss At a Time (2005)
  • CHORNographEY (2008) – released July 23, 2008
  • Emotional Jukebox (2011) – released January 8, 2011
  • Oysters" (2016)


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