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Linda Chung
2014-3-23 MageBox.jpg
Linda Chung in 2014.
Background information
Chinese name鍾嘉欣 (traditional)
Chinese name钟嘉欣 (simplified)
Pinyinzhong jia xin (Mandarin)
Jyutpingzung1 gaa1 jan1 (Cantonese)
Born (1984-04-09) 9 April 1984 (age 34)
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
OccupationActress, singer
Years active2004–2018
Label(s)Star Entertainment (2008–11)
Stars Shine International (2011–13)
Voice Entertainment (2013–present)
Jeremy Leung (m. 2015)
AncestryGaozhou, Maoming, Guangdong, China
WebsiteLinda Chung
TVB Anniversary Awards
Most Improved Female Artist
2006 Always Ready;
The Bitter Bitten;
Forensic Heroes

Linda Chung Ka-yan (Chinese: 鍾嘉欣) (born in 9 April 1984) is a Chinese-Canadian actress and singer. She is currently active in Hong Kong and signed with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) after winning the 2004 Miss Chinese International. She has starred in several popular TV series, most notably Forensic Heroes, Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance, A Journey Called Life, The Gem of Life, Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!, Legend of the Demigods, Ghost Writer, Witness Insecurity, Brother's Keeper, All That Is Bitter Is Sweet, and Tiger Cubs II.

Early life[edit]

Chung was born in Maple Ridge, and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia with an older brother and sister.[1][2] After graduation from Vancouver's Templeton Secondary School, Chung studied education at the University of British Columbia for two years.

Beginning her public life in 2002, Chung won the title of Miss Crystal Cover Girl, a beauty-talent contest organised and hosted annually by Crystal Mall, an Asian-themed shopping centre located beside Metrotown, Burnaby.[3]

In 2003, Chung won the title of Miss Chinese Vancouver,[4] along with three other awards at the same event, earning her the chance to participate, and eventually winning, at the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2004, hosted in Hong Kong. She was praised by Kelly Chen for her sweet face and voice the day before this pageant.[5] Chung became the third contestant from Vancouver in four years to win the title of this annually-held event.

TV career[edit]

2004–2005: Entry and initial success[edit]

After winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant, Chung was signed under TVB. Chung made her acting debut in the series Virtues of Harmony II, the modern spin-off of the sitcom, Virtues of Harmony. Her performance was somewhat popular in the year, garnering positive reviews from the public.[6][7][8][9] She was nominated for the "Most Improved Female Actress" award at the 2004's TVB Anniversary Awards for the first time.[10] Chung also participated in several advertisements and music videos within her first year in the industry. This initial success led TVB to name her as one of the "Twelve New Stars".

Other industry professionals also gave praise to Chung during this initial period such as Nancy Sit,[11] Frankie Lam,[12] Kara Hui, Shawn Yue,[13] Chen Kun, Kent Cheng,[14] Sammy Leung,[15] Wong He,[16][17] Joey Leung and Erica Yuen.[18]

2006–2008: Breakthrough and A-grade actress[edit]

Linda Chung in 2007

In 2006, after starring in Always Ready, The Biter Bitten and Forensic Heroes, Chung won her first major award "Most Improved Female Actress".[19]

Chung's breakthrough role came in 2007, where she played a character named Sheung Joy Sum (lit. meaning: always at heart) in a popular series of that year, Heart of Greed.[20] Chung received much praise from audiences and several famous people.[21][22][23][24] A couple of scenes involving her character generated the highest peaks for the drama's ratings, one was when her character exposed that Alfred Ching Leung deceived her, garnering a 39-point rating; another was when Tong Chi On proposed marriage to her, garnering a 48-point rating. This role gave her a nomination for "Best Actress"[25] and "My Most Favourite Female Character Role"[26] for the second year in a row.

During the shooting of A Journey Called Life, Chung received much praise from co-star Steven Ma, for her beauty, good manner, and ripe acting.[27] The two have worked together in a previous collaboration of Virtues of Harmony II.

Among the five series that were released in 2008,[28] Chung received most recognition for her acting in A Journey Called Life.[29][30] She received praises from Sheren Tang[31] as well as the public. At the 41st TVB Anniversary Awards (2008), Chung was nominated in the top 5 of the "Best Actress" award for her role in this series. She was also nominated for the top 5 "Most Favorite Female Character" Award for Legend of the Demigods, her first leading role in a period drama. Chung then acted as Yu So Sum in Moonlight Resonance and received some recognitions for this role. A scene in the drama, telling her fierce exchange with Yan Hung, garnered a 50-point rating, making it the most-watched scene in all TVB series to-date. Chung also received praises from Ha Yu,[32] Michelle Yim and Lee Heung-kam when she was acting this role.

2009–2010: Success in comedy and villain works[edit]

In 2009, Chung performed in Ghost Writer, A Watchdog's Tale, Twilight Investigation, as well as Can't Buy Me Love. At the 42nd TVB Anniversary Awards (2009), Chung was nominated top 5 in the "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in The Gem of Life[33] and this role received praise from Ada Choi,[34] Lee San San and Maggie Shiu.[35]

In 2010, Chung had four series, A Watchdog's Tale released in 2009 actually, but the series got the highest audience rating in the first season in 2010[36] and top five series in audience rating in the whole year.[37] In A Watchdog's Tale, Chung got another breakthrough while she was acting a likeness of the masculine role.[38][39] At the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards, Chung was nominated top 5 in the "Best Actress" award for her role in Ghost Writer[40] and also nominated top 5 in the "Most Favourite Female Character Role" award for her role in Can't Buy Me Love. Twilight Investigation was another series in the year, her acting has got approbated yet.[41][42][43][44][45]

2011–2012: Outstanding years[edit]

While Chung was filming the ancient costume drama "River of Wine" in December 2010, she received praise from Bowie Lam as for her weeping scene.[46] Chung was also captured by media to be the "successor of fa-dan" and one of the "Best new-coming fa-dan" with Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Fala Chen as the first-class performance of Chung in several series before the day.

Linda Chung in 2011

In 2011, Chung was the second female lead in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!". She had just played her character Miss Koo from the 8th episode till the end. Although she only had unrequited love for one of the male lead in the series (Moses Chan), she became the focus for the audience and internet users by the three sections of Miss Koo. First, she appeared as a cool bowling coach initially. Next, Miss Koo seems to be a melting glacier as she was affected by Law Sir (Moses Chan's character), this made the audience pay enthusiastic attention on their sweet and emotional scenes. When it was nearly came to an end, Law Sir's undercover identity was finally revealed, Miss Koo was collapsed since she has been deceived by Law Sir and her sister (Queenie Chu's character). This also left a deep impression in the audiences' mind. The audiences had massive praises for her performance and agreed that she was perfectly capable of competing in Best Actress category for this role at the year-end awards ceremony, despite being second female lead. It was rare that the major newspapers also reported the above matter at the same time. She was not only supported by Chan and Yeung, but she also supported by Queenie Chu, Cilla Kung[47] and Lau Ka Ho.[48] On the whole, Chung received full of praise and Miss Koo is one of the representative work for Linda Chung.[49]

With Chung's amazing performances till mid 2011, TVB Anniversary Awards "Best Actress" Charmaine Sheh,[50] Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director Gordon Chan,[51] Hong Kong Film director Patrick Kong, Hong Kong CR1 DJ,[52] Tvb actress Helen Ma,[53] Kate Tsui[54] and Myolie Wu[55] praised support for her either to be the next "Best Actress" or to get an award in TVB Anniversary Awards,[56][57] or to be the first-actress.

Finally, she was nominated for Top 5 "Best Actress" and "Most Favourite Female Character Role" award for her role in "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!".[58] She got the My Most Supportive Performance award from Ming Pao Anniversary Awards in 2011 for Miss Koo in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir according to voting from audience. However, Miss Koo lost out the "Most Favourite Female Character Role" award at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, and TVB was criticised as later the actual results of the online voting actually proved her the rightful winner of the "Most Favourite Female Character Role" award, instead of Myolie Wu.[59] Fans were also outraged that she left the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards empty handed.[60]

Chung filmed "L'Escargot" in 2010 and it was finally aired in 2012. Her character was involved in a complicated love triangle with Michael Tse and Ron Ng's characters. She herself spoke about the many new challenges she faced while portraying her character. In addition, her relation line with Tse has gained her more public exposure and was the topic of popular discussion. Her show was praised by Gem Tang, Felix Wong[61] and Hinson Chou.[62] On 19 March 2012, her new series Daddy Good Deeds aired and her character Ko Yu-chu spread fun to the public. Her professional attitude and acting were praised by Cilla Kung, Xia Yu and Steven Ma, especially Ma mentioned she was still maintaining the purity of heart and having progress in her acting continually.[63] She and Steven Ma collaborated five times in TVB, was a terrific couple on screen. Her third series House of Harmony and Vengeance was aired on TVB from 30 Apr to 8 June 2012, portraying her as an ancient version of Ms Cool. Bobby Au Yeung wondered Chung do not know dancing as he had watched she played hula hoop, he mentioned Chung was so hard-working and serious in practising dancing. Bobby said Chung was only alike a little girl in their first starring "Forensic Heroes", however, she is completely changed and honed during these years, either acting or in life. He stated her purity have not changed over years.[64][65] Myolie Wu also mentioned the purity of Chung.[66]

Linda Chung at Taipo Centre in 2012

Her fourth series Witness Insecurity was aired from 2 to 27 July 2012, making her the actress with the highest exposure rate for the first half of the year, having four series already out and probably nothing left for the rest of the year. Many viewers criticised about the way TVB was showing her series too close to one another. However, Witness Insecurity garnered high TVB viewership ratings, which turned out to be unexpected by TVB. On the ending note, the sad ending for this series also received a huge outcry from viewers, most reflected they preferred a good ending and requested for a re-make of the ending. Not only Chung's acting was praised by public, but she and her co-star Bosco Wong were gaining high popularity to be the new screen couple. She was praised by Paul Chun, co-star Bosco Wong and film director Patrick Kong[67] Chung was again owning great support from public will by Witness Insecurity this year.[68][69] Jason Chan, Michael Dao,[70] Charmaine Li support Chung to gain an "Best Actress" Award for the year. However, she lost the nomination of "My favorite female chacacter role" in TVB Awards Anniversary Ceremony 2012 without any reason. The award was given to Kate Tsui at last. Although Chung can gain the nomination and get into top five of "Best Actress", TVB still received a lot of complaints about Chung not having a nomination of "My favorite female chacacter role".[71][72] Moreover, the public voting also proved Chung and Charmaine Sheh as the rightful winner of the actress awards.[73]

In the series Missing You, Chung was leading other new actors and actresses such as Jason Chan, Cilla Kung, Lin Xia Wei, and Calvin Chan. Ram Chiang was the only senior actor there.

2013–2014: Stepped to the peak[edit]

Linda Chung in 2013

In 2013, Chung won the champion of "Ten TV entertainer" by public voting in the Next TV Publishing Ceremony 2013. She has already gained top ten of the TV entertainer for six years consecutively, which proofing her popularity and outstanding performance in the past years. Chung also won the "Most Popular Actress" in the largest film forum "Vietnam DMA awards ceremony" of the Year Award in two consecutive years in Vietnam.

In May, Chung participated in the variety show "Office of Practical Jokes", which presided by Johnson Lee, acting a plot to treat the world top magician. Her outstanding performance from intimidating by hamsters to injuring magician and Lee, gained much appreciated by the public, and again having widespread media coverage and discussion of internet forums.[74] Not only presided Lee, but many professionals also praised her acting in the plot, such that Gem Tang, Patrick Kong,[75] Sharon Chan,[76] Kitty Yuen,[77] Bob Lam, Ding Tze Ko,[78] Yoyo Mung,[79] Albert Au,[80] Chung was labelled as the "Best Actress" by the public audiences again.

Chung starred in 2013 TVB's grand productions 30 episodes Brother's Keeper, co-starring with Ruco Chan. She acted as a fashion designer Rachel Cheuk. The series spans from 1991 to 2013. Chung and her co-star Ruco Chan became a screen couple as their co-operation gaining high popularity in the public. Chung gained support by co-star Ruco Chan,[81] Joe Ma,[82] Fala Chen,[83] Joey Man,[84] Tavia Yeung,[85] Niki Chow, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, and so on, to get the "Best Actress" that year. On 1 December 2013, Chung finally got her first "Best Actress" in "TVB Awards Ceremony 2013 Malaysia Star Ceremony", as the award is 100% by public voting. Chung was not only gained the "Best Actress", but she also gained the "My Favorite TV Role", became the first 80s artist to win the "Best Actress" title.

In 2014, Chung filmed TVB Gold New Year 2014 micro film "A Time of Love",[86] starring with South Korea actor Yeon Jung-hoon. Their segment was the most popular episode in the whole set although broadcast on Saturday, gained up to 28 points in rating.

On 26 March, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology invited Chung to a one-hour lecture of "Meet the Professional Series III: Road to Leading Actress – Linda Chung" as the theme for sharing with students about the choice of life, transformation, and practice the ideal. Chung is the first Hong Kong TV actress to be a lecturer who was invited to the University.[87][88]

Her series for 2014 were Tiger Cubs II and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet.


Her only series for 2015 is Limelight Years, co-starred with Damian Lau, Liza Wang, Alex Fong among others, while she was busy with work in the music industry. Damian Lau and Liza Wang had highly praised towards Chung about her attitude and performance in Limelight Years.

David Siu mentioned Chung has potential on acting in an interview. He likes Chung acted from basic til qualified right now, sometimes provided new elements in her performance as well.[89][90] Chow Yun-fat also mentioned Chung acting well, especially in the variety show Office of Practical Jokes, Chow informed Chung continue to maintain these standards in her acting.[91][92]Gloria Tang mentioned she wish to depend on the target of Chung, about her standard of acting and her attitude. In addition, Chung was supported by Wayne Lai,[93] Liza Wang and Gloria Tang to earn "Best Actress" in TVB Anniversary Ceremony. [94] [95] Chung won "Mainland China's Favourite TVB Actress" as the result was 100% totally vote by mainland netizens in TVB Anniversary Ceremony.

In 2016, she will have two upcoming series, K9 Cop with Bosco Wong, and Nezha and Yang Jian, and will also make a brief appearance in the sequel of her 2013 series Brother's Keeper, Brother's Keeper II.

Film career[edit]

2007: Newcomer[edit]

When Chung filmed her first film, Love Is Not All Around, alongside Alex Fong, Stephy Tang and Sammy Leung in 2007, she was praised by its director Patrick Kong.[96] She was nominated for "Best New Performer" for her role Ching Ching and won the Silver Award. Chung has already succeeded in entering the films industry,[97] the same year as Kate Tsui.[98]

2008–2010: Leading[edit]

Chung first became the leading actress in the film Playboy Cops in 2008. She received praises in the last scenes. She acted as a guest star in the similar movie of Love Is Not All Around, L for Love, L for Lies, where she also got praise from the performance.

Her latest film in 2010 is 72 Tenants of Prosperity.[99] Chung received praise from Eric Tsang for her hard work and purity,[100] and also especially receive praises from Hong Kong Film Awards "Best Actress" Anita Yuen for her effort, positive personality, hard work and improvement in this movie.[101]

As Chung charmingly interprets in TVB series, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director Gordon Chan commended Chung calling her the best young actress who come from TV station and one of the best actress in Hong Kong.[102][clarification needed]

Music career[edit]

2008–2009: First attempt at success[edit]

In addition to acting, Chung used to receive praise in some live show for her singing. Chung has sung the theme songs for some of the series that she has starred in then, including her first personal song "Swear" for Legends of Demigods,[103] Best Bet, A Journey Called Life, A Watchdog's Tale and the subtheme for Heart of Greed. Chung has also sung the children's songs, which were welcomed by children.[104] In May 2008, Chung signed a deal with Star Entertainment which launched her into a successful music career.[105] Her first album was released on 20 August.[106][107] Her album "Dinner for One, World for Two" achieved Gold Status in Hong Kong based on the number of sales and she earned the title of "The Best Selling Female Bewcomer" in the year. This album garnered her several awards at the end of 2008, including "Gold Newcomer Awards" and "Most liked Female Newcomer". Her first plugged song was "World for Two". Her second plugged song "I'm actually unhappy" got a high click rating in YouTube. Due to its success, Star Entertainment released a second version of her album, "Dinner for One, World for Two Reloaded", which included more songs and more bonus material.[108]

Her second album, My Love Story, was released on 12 November 2009 and has since been classified gold.[109] The songs of "Thinking of you day and night",[110] "One Day" and "Life and Death for Love" were all owe to her works on melody. Among these three songs, "Thinking of you day and night" was the first plugged song and was much more conspicuous. Chung won awards in different music platforms based on this song. "Fighting in the light and shadows" was the second plugged song. She has since collaborated with another Star Entertainment singer, Stephanie Cheng. "Ngoi Dak Hei (Ai De Qi)" is the product of their co-operation.[111] This song reached the champion on TVB's JSG Solid Gold programme.

2010–2011: Approved works[edit]

Her new song "If You Want Me" has just released in January 2011. Chung was praised by CR2 DJ Vani Wong, Alton Yu and Wasabi for her outstanding performance. Apart from the above, she received much praises from three DJ who are in the CR2 "The Playtoy Mansion" program and she was also praised by Sammy Leung and Siu Yi in the CR2 "Good Morning King" program in February, for her "Jade Girl" image which is not only an image in the entertainment industry, but she also behaves in reality.

In 2011, her third album, My Private Selection, was released on 25 March. The album was qualitatively a new songs plus choiceness. It was not only recorded her first plugged song "If you want me", but it also recorded another four new recording songs "Luo Suo", "De Xian Zhao Ni", "I'll Be Waiting For You", "Ngoi Dak Hei (Ai De Qi) solo version" and her thirteen choiceness songs from Dinner for One, World for Two debut album and My Love Story.

2012–present: Stepped to B-grade singer[edit]

In 2012, Chung released her 4th studio album Love Love Love. This album has been certified Gold and sold out quickly. The album reached the #1 in sales chart and entered sales chart of the LP Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for more than 5 weeks, gaining #2 for 2 weeks. Her first plug Vaccine reached #1 of JSG chart and her second plug You are my other half reached #1 of 3 musical chart, including RTHK, MRHNA and JSG. She is the first and only TVB canpop singer who got three No. 1 in the four major musical chart in the nearest 12 years. Stars Shine, Chung's music company, compiled and released a second edition of the album, removing one song and including the theme song of her currently airing series Missing You. Chung gained her first "Female Singer Award" in MRHNA Musical Ceremony 2012, which continued gained the same award in 2013.

First solo concert[edit]

In August 2013, Chung held her first solo concert dated 22 and 23 August. It was held at Kowloon Bay Trade & Exhibition Centre. Her concert gained a full house. During the concert she received massive warmth and support from her fans. She invited 3 guests such as Janice M. Vidal, newcomer Ally Tse, and especially top female singer Kelly Chen. When Kelly Chen sang with Chung, it gained a climax of the whole concert. When Chung sang "Friendship is just that simple" and played with her piano, the concert was going to another climax.

In December 2014, Chung held "Most Blessing" Live Concert in Malaysia 2014 on 20 December at Arena of Stars. She invited Kristal Tin and Alex Fong as guest performers. The concert achieved a great success.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

In 2014, Chung was invited to speak at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She spoke about her battle with depression after joining the entertainment industry. At the start of her career, Linda faced severe pressure from a heavy workload and suffered loneliness from being far away from home. She said: "I didn’t know anything so I had a lot of pressure. I was also afraid to talk to someone about it, especially those close to me. During that time, I would cry as soon as I returned home." She eventually worked through the hard times and gained her emotional strength.[112]

As part of TVB, Chung is still "the youngest A-grade actress".[113] She is currently the highest paid TVB actress, earning around HK$120,000 per event.[114] Linda is also a devoted Christian.[115][116]

Chung married chiropractor Jeremy Leung in fall 2015. Despite the age gap, Chung stated that their relationship developed due to similar interests and understanding of one another. When paparazzi asked Chung's parents if they approve of their son in law, Chung's parents responded confidently with an approval.

Chung announced her pregnancy on Mother's Day 2016. She revealed on 27 August 2016 that her she had given birth to a daughter named Kelly Leung. She announced the birth of her second child, Jared Anthony Leung, on 6 September 2018.



Year Title Role Awards
2004 Virtues of Harmony II Hung Bak Nam (Michelle)
Love Stories at Regalia Bay Ha Wai Ling (Ling)
2005 The Zone Cathy
Always Ready Sze Chor Kei (Sandra) TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Female Artist
Nominated – Astro Wah Lai Toi Award for My Favorite Onscreen Couple
Nominated – Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Award for My Favorite Character
2006 The Biter Bitten
Forensic Heroes Lam Ding Ding
2007 Heavenly In-Laws Leading Actress
Best Bet To Lai Ying (Sheila)
Heart of Greed Sheung Joi Sum Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress
Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 5)
Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Award for My Favourite Character
Nominated – Astro Wah Lai Toi Award for Best Actress (Top 5)
Next Magazine TV for Best Artist (Pos.9)
Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards for My Favorite on Screen Couple
2008 A Journey Called Life Sze Ka-Ka
Forensic Heroes II Lam Ding Ding
Moonlight Resonance Yu So Sum Next Magazine TV 2009 for Best Artist (Pos.6)
Nominated – Astro Wah Lai Toi Award for My Favorite on Screen Couple (Top 5)
Legend of the Demigods Gai Choi-chi Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 5)
2008–2009 The Gem of Life Sung Chi Ling (Elise) Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress (Top 5)
2009–2010 A Watchdog's Tale Lai Sin-yu (Sammi)
  • Pairs up with Steven Ma
  • Next Magazine TV 2010 for Best Artist (Pos.6)
2010 Ghost Writer Lau Sum Yu
Can't Buy Me Love Ng Say-duk Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 5)
Next Magazine TV 2011 for Best Artist (Pos.6)
Twilight Investigation Chung Yee Tak Next Magazine TV 2012 for Best Artist (Pos.5)
2011 Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! Koo Ka Nam (Carman) Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress (Top 5)
Nominated – TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character (Top 5)
Nominated – Ming Pao Anniversary Award for Outstanding Actress in Television
Ming Pao Anniversary Award for My Most Supportive Performance
Nominated – My AOD Favourite Awards for Best Actress (Top 5)
My AOD Favourite Award for My Top 15 Favourite Characters
StarHub TVB Awards for My Favorite TVB on Screen Couple
River of Wine Sung Chi Ching
Super Snoops Sze Ying
2012 L'Escargot Kwan Ka Lok StarHub TVB Awards 2012 – My Favorite TVB Female Character
Daddy Good Deeds Ko Yu Chu
House of Harmony and Vengeance Bin Yuk-yin
Witness Insecurity Kiu Tze-lam (Hailey)
2012–2013 Missing You Hong Yu-fung
2013 Brother's Keeper Cheuk Ching (Rachel)
2014 A Time of Love Linda
All That Is Bitter Is Sweet Dou Gaai Kei StarHub TVB Awards 2014 – My Favorite TVB Female Character
TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 – My Favourite Top 15 TVB Drama Characters (1 of 15 winners)
2014–2015 Tiger Cubs II Chung Wai-yan
2015 Limelight Years Szeto Dik Dik
2016 Brother's Keeper II Cheuk Ching (Rachel)
K9 Cop Ma Chi-ho
2018 Another Era Cheng Sze Yu (Janice)


Year Title Role Hong Kong Film Awards
2007 Love Is Not All Around
晴 晴
Best New Performer Nomination
2008 Playboy Cops
麗 莎
L For Love♥ L For Lies
阿 欣
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity
Ha Nui



Year Album Title Album information
2006 Lady in Red (TVB) Album
Release Date: May 2006
Label: Gold Label
Various Artists
Legends of Demigods theme-song. – "Swear" (發誓)
2007 歌影傳情 Release Date: 30 May 2007
Label: TVB Music Limited
Various Artists
Heart of Greed sub-theme – "Appreciated" (心領) -Linda Chung & Raymond Lam
2008 Dinner for One, World for Two
Release Date: 20 August 2008
Label: Star Entertainment
Debut Album
Love TV
Release Date: 21 August 2008
Label: TVB Music Limited
Various Artists
Best Bet theme-song – (心心相印)
A Journey Called Life theme-song – "Small Story" (小故事) -Linda Chung & Steven Ma
Dinner for One, World for Two Reloaded
Release Date: 21 October 2008
Label: Star Entertainment
Second Version
2009 Love TV
情歌精選 2
Release Date: 30 November 2009
Label: TVB Music Limited
Various Artists
The Gem of Life sub-theme "無情有愛"
My Love Story Release Date: 12 November 2009
Label: Star Entertainment
2010 My Love Story Happy Ending Edition Release Date: 5 February 2010
Label: Star Entertainment
Second Version
2011 My Private Selection Release Date: 25 March 2011
Label: Star Entertainment
featuring older songs in previous albums, as well as newly released songs
2012 Love Love Love Release Date: 13 November 2012
Label: Star Shine International
4th personal album released
2016 Under The Stars Release Date: 12 April 2016
Label: The Voice Entertainment Group Limited
Compilation album featuring older songs in previous albums, as well as newly released songs


List of Linda Chung's music & acting awards

Major music awards statistics[edit]

2008 1 2 1
2009 2 2
2010 1
2012 2
2013 1 1


  • Starhub TVB Awards 2015 – My Favourite TVB Female TV Character (Tiger Cubs II)
  • Starhub TVB Awards 2015 – Bottomslim The Perfect Figure Award


  • Starhub TVB Awards 2014 – My Favourite TVB Female TV Character (All That Is Bitter Is Sweet)
  • Starhub TVB Awards 2014 – Red Carpet Star


  • Astro TVB Star Awards 2013 – My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role (Brother's Keeper)
  • Starhub TVB Awards 2013 – My Favourite TVB Female TV Character (Witness Insecurity)
  • Starhub TVB Awards 2013 – Everlasting Glow Award
  • Starhub TVB Awards 2013 – Red Carpet Star


  • My AOD Favourite Award – Top 15 Character Ranked No. 3
  • Starhub TVB Award 2012 – Perfect Smile Award.
  • Starhub TVB Award 2012 – My Favorite TVB Onscreen Couple (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir)
  • Starhub TVB Award 2012 – My Favorite TVB Female Character (L'Escargot)
  • Vietnam DMA Presentation Ceremony 2011 – Most Popular Female Actress (Hong Kong)
  • Next TV Awards 2012 – Ranked No. 5 Song Award
  • Next TV Awards 2012 – Toshiba Award


  • Ming Pao Anniversary Awards 2011 – My Most Supportive Performance(Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
  • My AOD Malaysia My Favourite TVB Series Presentation 2011 – Top 10 My Favourite Character
  • Next TV Awards 2011 – Ranked No. 6 Song Award
  • JSG First Round Music Awards 2011 – Song Award(If You Want Me)
  • JSG Music Awards 2010 – Best Duet – Bronze (with Stephanie Cheng)


  • My AOD Malaysia My Favourite TVB Series Presentation 2010 – My Favourite Character
  • JSG First Round Music Awards 2010 – Best Duet Song Award (with Stephanie Cheng)
  • JSG First Round Music Awards 2010 – Song Award
  • Next TV Awards 2010 – Polo Santa Roberta Award
  • Next TV Awards 2010 – Ranked No. 6 Song Award
  • (雪碧榜) Award Ceremony – Most Improved Singer Award
  • Sina Music Awards – Top 20 Song (Missing You Day & Night)
  • JSG Music Awards 2009 – Best Duet Bronze Award (with Phillip Wei)
  • JSG Music Awards 2009 – Best Performance Award – Bronze Song Award


  • Metro Radio Hits 2009 Awards – Best Metro Radio Hits Best Second Year Singer (Female)
  • Metro Radio Hits 2009 Awards – Best Karaoke Song (Missing You Day & Night)
  • JSG third round Music Awards – song award (Missing you day and night)
  • Yes! Idol Award Presentation 2009 – Karaoke Female Idol
  • Yes! Idol Award Presentation 2009 – 2009 Yes Idol
  • Next TV Awards 2009 – Ranked No. 6 Song Award
  • IFPI Hong Kong CD Sales Presentation 2008 – Most Sales Hong Kong Female newcomer
  • Astro Awards 2008 – My Favorite Character 2008 – Sheung Joy Sum
  • Astro Awards 2008 – Favorite Onscreen Couple 2008 (with Raymond Lam)
  • RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards – Best Female Newcomer Outstanding Award
  • Sina Music Awards 2008 – My Favourite Female Newcomer 2008 – Gold
  • (雪碧榜) Award Ceremony 2008 – Newcomer Awards 2008
  • JSG Music Awards 2008 – Best Female Newcomer 2008 – Silver


  • Metro Radio Hits Music Award Presentation 2008 – Metro Radio Hits King of New Singers Award 2008 – (Female) Linda Chung
  • Yes! Idol Award Presentation 2008 – Most Rise TV Idol
  • Yes! Idol Award Presentation 2008 – King of New Singers Award 2008 – (Female)
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