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Linda Gaboriau is a Canadian dramaturg and literary translator who has translated some 100 plays and novels by Quebec writers, including many of the Quebec plays best known to English-speaking Canadian audiences.

A native of Boston, Gaboriau moved to Montreal in 1963 to pursue education in French language and literature at McGill University. She worked as a freelance journalist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Montreal Gazette, pursued a career in Canadian and Quebec theatre and, in the 2000s, has been serving as the founding director of the Banff International Literary Translation Centre.

Gaboriau was married to Montreal city councillor Nick Auf der Maur, who died in 1998, and is the mother of rock musician Melissa Auf der Maur. She lives in Montreal with Hervé de Fontenay, her partner of 28 years. They have one son, Yves de Fontenay, who is a young architect.

She was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 2015.[1]

Works translated[edit]

A selected list of Linda Gaboriau's translations includes:

  • 1983 — Saga of the Wet Hens (Jovette Marchessault, La Saga des poules mouillées)
  • 1987 — Being at Home with Claude (René-Daniel Dubois, Being at Home with Claude)
  • 1989 — Warriors (Michel Garneau, Les guerriers)
  • 1991 — Lilies (Michel Marc Bouchard, Les feluettes)
  • 1992 — The Magnificent Voyage of Emily Carr (Jovette Marchessault, Le voyage magnifique d'Emily Carr)
  • 1993 — The Eye Is an Eagle (Pierre Morency, L'Œil américain)
  • 1993 — The Orphan Muses (Michel Marc Bouchard, Les muses orphelines)
  • 1996 — American Notebooks (Marie-Claire Blais, Notes américaines/Parcours d’un écrivain)
  • 1996 — Stone and Ashes (Daniel Danis, Cendres de cailloux)
  • 1998 — That Woman (Daniel Danis, Celle-là)
  • 1998 — The Tale of Teeka (Michel Marc Bouchard, L'histoire de l'oie)
  • 1998 — Fragments of a Farewell Letter Read by Geologists (Normand Chaurette, Fragments d'une lettre d'adieu lus par des géologues)
  • 1998 — The Queens (Normand Chaurette, Les Reines)
  • 1998 — For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again (Michel Tremblay, Encore une fois, si vous le permettez)
  • 1999 — The Coronation Voyage (Michel Marc Bouchard, Le voyage du Couronnement)
  • 1999 — Song of the Say-Sayer (Daniel Danis, La chant du Dire-Dire)
  • 2000 — Down Dangerous Passes Road (Michel Marc Bouchard, Le chemin des Passes-dangereuses)
  • 2000 — All the Verdis of Venice (Normand Chaurette, Je vous écris du Caire)
  • 2002 — Impromptu on Nuns' Island (Michel Tremblay, L'État des lieux)
  • 2003 — Scattered in a Rising Wind (Jean-Marc Dalpé, Un vent se lève qui éparpille)
  • 2004 — Written on Water (Michel Marc Bouchard, Les manuscrits du déluge)
  • 2004 — Past Perfect (Michel Tremblay, Le passé antérieur)
  • 2006 — Assorted Candies (Michel Tremblay, Bonbons assortis)
  • 2010 — Forests (Wajdi Mouawad, Forêts)
  • 2011 — Scorched (Wajdi Mouawad, Incendies)


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