Linda Jo Rizzo

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Linda Jo Rizzo
Genres Italo disco, Eurodisco
Occupation(s) singer, composer, producer
Instruments piano
Years active 1983 – 2013
Associated acts The Flirts

Linda Jo Rizzo (born 1 April 1955, in New York City) is an American singer, composer, and producer, with Italian roots, currently based in Germany. Originally from the United States, she was a photo model and studied nourishing sciences in New York. There she met Bobby Orlando and participated in his group, The Flirts from 1983-1984. In 1984 Rizzo moved to Germany and started her own music career there.

Rizzo was the owner of an Italian music restaurant in Munich called Piazza Linda, which was sold in August 2008.



  • 1985: "Fly Me High / "Welcome To Cairo"
  • 1986: "You're My First You're My Last" / "I've Got The Night"
  • 1986: "Heartflash (Tonight)" / "Just One Word"
  • 1987: "Perfect Love" / "No Lies"
  • 1988: "Passion" / "Hey Joe"
  • 1989: "Keep Trying" / "Listen To The D.J."
  • 1991: "Quando Quando"
  • 1993: "Passion" / "Just The Way You Like It"
  • 1994: "Meet The Flintstones" Stone-Age feat. Linda Jo
  • 2012: "Heartflash, Passion & You're My First, You're My Last 2012"
  • 2013: "Day Of The Light"
  • 2013: "Out Of The Shadows" TQ & Linda Jo rizzo


  • Passion (1989) [Bootleg]
  • Best Of Linda Jo Rizzo (1999)
  • Day Of The Light (2012)
  • P.A.S.S.I.O.N. (2013) The Flirts Hits featuring Linda Jo Rizzo
  • Fly Me High (2015)

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