List of Gimme Gimme Gimme cast members

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List of actors who have played parts in Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Regular cast[edit]

Recurrent cast[edit]

Guest cast[edit]

Actor Character Episodes
Zita Sattar Sultana Who's That Boy
Darren Tighe Trevor Big Break
Adrian Bower Joe Legs & Co.
Morgan Jones Shirley
Maria McErlane Maureen Do They Take Sugar?
Charlie Condou Nino Saturday Night Diva
Mel Giedroyc Beverly-Jane
Sue Perkins Beverly-Anne
Richard Cant Degsy I Do, I Do, I Do
William Hope Terry Clinger
Sophie Stanton Gloria
Ronan Vibert Vince
Rowland Rivron Oscar Wilde Millennium Special
Mark Benton Bob Hobbs Stiff
Christopher Simon Pedro
Phil Daniels Freddie Windrush Prison Visitor
Suzanne Hitchmough Chantelle
Anna Keaveney Sheila Farrell Dirty 30
Andrew Robertson Vernon Farrell
Moya Brady Maddie Glad to Be Gay?
David Schneider Neville
Tanveer Ghani Ron Sofa Man
Rose Keegan Daisy
Andrew Woodall Rick Cheesecloth
Ann Mitchell Shirley Twitch Down and Out
Akemi Otani Yakashoto Shakamoto Lollipop Man
Vilma Hollingbery Sister Brian May
Mark Monero Zippy Secrets and Flies
Frances Barber "Janine"
Andrew Clover Bart Trauma
Jonathan Harvey Louis Singing in the Drain
Su Pollard Heidi Honeycomb

Celebrity guests as themselves[edit]

Actor Episode
Dale Winton Do They Take Sugar?
Melinda Messenger Millennium Special
Simon Shepherd Millennium Special / Down & Out
Patsy Palmer Teacher's Pet