Linda Papadopoulos

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Linda Papadopoulos
Linda Papadopoulos.jpg
Born 1971/1972 (age 45–46)[1]
Toronto, Canada
Education York University
University of Surrey
City University

Linda Papadopoulos is a Canadian psychologist of Greek Cypriot descent, based in England. She is the author of books such as Psychodermatology, Becoming a Therapist, Psychological Approaches to Dermatology, the popular psychology books The Man Manual and What Men Say what Women Hear, which make the claim that there are inherent gender differences in relationships, and Mirror Mirror: Dr. Linda's Body Image Revolution, a book on using CBT to promote a healthy body image.


Papadopoulos was born in Toronto, Canada and is of Greek Cypriot descent. She gained a BA degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada, an MSc in Health psychology from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom and a PhD in Psychology from City University in London.[2]

Apart from regular television and radio appearances, Papadopoulos is currently[when?] heading up a large-scale study into the psychological effects of skin disease in collaboration with dermatologists from St. Thomas’ hospital.[citation needed] She has published in the field of counseling and medical psychology.[citation needed]

Papadopoulos has written for magazines such as Healthy Food Guide, Tonic Magazine and Time on Line. She has appeared on British and American reality television series, such as Big Brother, Double Cross, This Morning, GMTV (UK morning talk shows), Celebrity Fit Club, Autopsy: Last Hours Of..., also BBC News, CNN, Sky News.[citation needed]

On 28 December 2009 she appeared on Celebrity Mastermind, answering questions on the band Nirvana. She won the specialist knowledge round and placed 3rd overall with a score of 26 points, losing to Stuart Maconie.

In 2010 she was commissioned by the Home Office to write a review on the effects of sexualisation on young people.[3]

On 3 June 2010 she appeared on BBC One's political programme This Week to discuss the then-recent shooting spree in Cumbria, carried out by Derrick Bird.

Papadopoulos has hosted the TV series My Naked Secret on the Discovery Fit & Health channel. The series told the personal stories of people who are hiding physical abnormalities.[4]


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