Linda Pitmon

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Linda Pitmon
Pitmon in 2011
Pitmon in 2011
Background information
BornMinneapolis, Minnesota
  • Drums
  • backing vocals
Member ofThe Baseball Project, Filthy Friends

Linda Pitmon is an American drummer known for her work with the supergroups The Baseball Project and the Filthy Friends.[1]

Pitmon played percussion in band and orchestra in high school.[2] She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and drumming was a helpful way to manage her symptoms.[2] The first band she played with was Zuzu's Petals.[2] She plays with a minimal setup which she likes so that she can be flexible and "play around the beat."[2] She cites Jody Stephens from Big Star, Stan Lynch, Jim Keltner and Dave Mattacks as her influences.[2]

During the COVID era, she and her husband Steve Wynn performed thirty shows online from their home, via Facebook, using an iPad on a tripod.[3] For 2021 they are performing on the "Impossible Tour," which will be 13 hour-long shows where their studio space, the Chimp Factory, is redecorated to look like virtual versions of some of their favorite clubs worldwide.[3][4]


Pitmon plays has a few vintage drum kits: a 1961 red sparkle Slingerland, a 1976 bicentennial-stripe Ludwig, a '70s-era blue Ludwig Vistalites, and a '60s-era Slingerland set.[2] Her extra Ludwig snares include a '70s-era Acrolite and a 1964 Supraphonic.[2] She uses 20" or 24" vintage Paiste 602 cymbals as well as an 18" Zildjian Kerope, an 18" A. Zildjian & CIE "Vintage" reissue, 15" Paiste Giant Beat hi-hats, and a 16" model from the Cymbal & Gong company.[2] She also uses lightweight single-braced stands, a DW 9000 bass drum pedal, Vic Firth 8D wooden-tip sticks, and Remo heads.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Pitmon was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and began playing on "Tupperware and Tinker Toys" as a three year old.[5] She had early jobs as a record store employee and as a DJ.[2] She is married to musician Steve Wynn, and they live in Queens.[3]


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