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Linda Ravenswood
Carolyn Forche and Linda Ravenswood
in Los Angeles.
Born Los Angeles, California

Linda Ravenswood is a writer, artist, and vocalist who currently resides in Los Angeles. Her play (with Brian Sonia Wallace) Bike Odyssey L.A. won The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant in 2014. Bike Odyssey L.A. has also been awarded a Producer's Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival where it premiered. Her first book Hymnal from Mouthfeel Press, 2012 and short story The Infant Golem of Prague The Bicycle Review, 2012 were finalists for the Pushcart Prize. The poem The peas from Hymnal received a Pushcart Prize nomination for Poetry in 2013. Her work has been awarded by The City of Los Angeles, The City of West Hollywood, The Los Angeles Library Foundation and The Metropolitan Transit Authority for Bike Odyssey L.A.

Early life[edit]

Linda Ravenswood was born in Los Angeles, California of English, Irish, Czech, Danish, Native American (Wampanoag) and other ancestry. She is a descendent of the Mayflower adventurer Stephen Hopkins. She holds a BFA from (CalArts) and an MA from Mount Saint Mary's College. She has lived extensively in the US, Ireland and the UK.[citation needed]


Linda Ravenswood's poetry, short stories and essays have appeared in print journals, magazines and online in Underground Voices Magazine (Los Angeles), The Wilshire Review Volume 1 (Los Angeles), The Wilshire Review Volume 2 (Los Angeles), Enigma Magazine (London), Audemus formerly Mount Voices (Los Angeles), Poetry Salzburg Review (University of Salzburg Press), The Bicycle Review (Los Angeles), Flaming Arrows (Ireland), Break the Silence Magazine (US), Relief Magazine (US), Poetry Magazine (US), BlazeVOX (US), Rivets Literary Magazine (US), Caterwaul Quarterly (US), The Hamilton Stone Review, (US) Unlikely Stories (US), Lines and Stars (US), ReadThis (University of Montana Press) and on PBS.[citation needed]

In 2010 her story No Impact Organ was featured on Colin Beavan's No Impact Man website.[citation needed]

Ravenswood has appeared in live poetry performance with Shane McGowan, Jeffrey McDaniel, Eloise Klein Healy, S.A. Griffin, Scott Wannberg, Ellyn Maybe and Viggo Mortensen among others and in live musical performance with Azam Ali. She has been featured at Los Angeles venues The Hotel Cafe, Highways, Café Largo, Molly Malone's, LuLu's Alibi, Highland Grounds, 8121 Club, and Al's Bar and Beyond Baroque. She has worked with Rafael F.J. Alvarado on the Moe Green Poetry Hour, on the World Wide Radio Network. Her recent work is also shown at Craftswoman House, a repurposed Pasadena craftsman house dedicated to showcasing contemporary performance art and new media.[citation needed]

Ravenswood studied at the University of California, Los Angeles, and is a triple graduate of The California Institute of the Arts in Art, Music and Theatre (2000) . She studied at several other academies worldwide, including Mount St. Mary's College in Los Angeles, focusing on Creative Writing and Performance where she received an MA (Humanities) in 2009. She was awarded the Hannon Grant and the Mary Griffin Award in 2008 and 2009.[citation needed]

She partnered with musician/designer Stan Hillas Jones in 1997 to make new music/new media, and reunited with him again in 2005. Their album Songs from the Future was released in 2006 on Reseda Sound Records. She has also worked with Grammy-nominated musician Noa Winter (Daniel) Lazerus, arranger/producer for Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits, on various projects for PBS and for independent filmmakers, including John Banks IV for Ritual Paths.[citation needed]

Ravenswood has produced five cover art pieces for London based Enigma Magazine and drawings which have appeared notably in The Wilshire Review (Volumes One and Two). Her most recent fine art exhibit was at The Pico House Gallery and historic landmark in downtown Los Angeles (2010). New work is shown at The Jose Vera Gallery in the group show and Benefit for Haiti (2011). Her recent work includes performances at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival Los Angeles (2011), SoundWalk (2012), and The Ventura County Arts Festival, Pacific Standard Time (2012), The Arroyo Arts Collective (2012), Tribute to Woody Guthrie (2012). Recent artwork can been seen on the 2011 Tour da Arts poster for the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica (2011) and in Gallery Tally or (en)gendered (in)equity: The Gallery Poster Project, (2014), The Next Step, The 100th Anniversary of The Llano del Rio Colony, (2014), The Lancaster Museum of Art and Humanities MOAH (2014), and We Step into the Light at Cornell University, (2014).[citation needed]

In 2012 her book, Hymnal, was published by Mouthfeel Press.

A showcase of performances on November 1–2, 2013 accompanied the opening of Charles Linder's Mudslinger, on exhibit at La Casa del Tunel, Tijuana, Mexico. The collection also includes the book Mudslinger, with photographs from Linder's collection as well as a new work by Ravenswood. The exhibit and book are produced in cooperation with Gallery 16.[citation needed]

Her writing appears in the anthology Near Kin: Words and Art inspired by Octavia E. Butler, Sybaritic Press, (2014).

She is a guest lecturer at Ventura College.[citation needed]

She currently is on staff at Occidental College in Los Angeles.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

In her twenties, she lived in Ireland with her husband, the songwriter and music interpreter/musicologist Garrison White, where she continued to write. She lives in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing a PhD.[citation needed]


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