Lindau Lighthouse

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Lindau Lighthouse
Lindau - Hafen6.jpg
Lindau Lighthouse
Lindau Lighthouse is located in Germany
Lindau Lighthouse
Location Lindau, Lake Constance
Coordinates 47°32′34.7″N 9°41′0.9″E / 47.542972°N 9.683583°E / 47.542972; 9.683583Coordinates: 47°32′34.7″N 9°41′0.9″E / 47.542972°N 9.683583°E / 47.542972; 9.683583
Year first constructed 1856
Automated early 1990s
Construction stone tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower, green lantern, red balcony rail
Height 33 metres (108 ft)
Focal height 35 metres (115 ft)
Current lens rotator with 2 parabolic reflectors
Characteristic Fl 3s.
ARLHS number FED-145
Managing agent City of Lindau[1]

The Lindau Lighthouse (German: Neuer Lindauer Leuchtturm) is the southernmost lighthouse in Germany, located in Lindau on Lake Constance. It is 33 metres (108 ft) tall and has a perimeter of 24 metres (79 ft) at its base. Notably it has also a clock in its facade.


The lighthouse was built from 1853 to 1856 at the western mole in the entrance to the harbour of Lindau and was first lit on 4 October 1856. It succeeded the light station in the Mangturm tower of 1230.

Light and optics[edit]

During the first years of operation the light was created by an open oil fire. At that time the keeper would steadily have to keep the fire burning in great pans and operate a bell and foghorn. The firing was later converted to kerosene and then gas.

Since 1936 the tower has been operated electrically and was automated in the early 1990s. The light is lit on demand by ships using radio signals.[2]

The light characteristic is one flash every three seconds which is created by two rotating parabolic reflectors.

Current situation[edit]

The lighthouse and the entire port of Lindau were originally built by the Bavarian Railway Company and later used to be operated by the shipping department for Lake Constance of Deutsche Bahn.[3] Eventually the port was sold to the city works of Constance in 2002 together with the Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe GmbH shipping company. After several years of negotiations the port area and thus the lighthouse were transferred to the town of Lindau in April 2010.[4] It is open to visitors who may find information on local fauna and flora and on Lake Constance shipping.

The lighthouse is a popular subject for photographs.[2]

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