Linden Alley (Rostov-on-don)

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Linden Alley (Russian: Липовая аллея) is located in the city of Rostov-on-Don in southwest Russia, and crosses First of May Park [ru][1] in its Western part is, initially of the former garden Summer commercial club, now the House of physical culture Rostov-on-Don. Lime the alley more than 120 years.

Pervomayskiy Park. Rotunda

History and description[edit]

The breakdown of the garden areas in 1860 years fulfilled Petersburg architect Peters. The direction of future the alley recorded the track underground gallery between hill remaining from the excavation redoubt fortress (underground rooms) and the basement of the former warehouse buildings near the city.

Ancient Linden Pervomaysky Park

The first lime trees were planted on both sides of the wide the alley in the early 1890's. In its center is arranged in a lawns, the ends of which were the last beds. They were decorated with floral carpet patterns which gave the space between the younger lime trees a dressy festive.

In 1901, the alley was closed on the East memorial rotunda set on hill former redoubt. In front of her at the beginning of the 1910-satisfied fountain. Housed rotunda on the site of the ground layer, hid the remains of earthworks. Her graceful gazebo formed by six ionic columns under a low dome. Observation platform the rotunda, focused on the flower parterre the alley, intended for admiring the flower arrangements.

Untouchable alley lasted until the end of the 20th century. It was not damaged by bombing and fire during the military operations on the territory of Rostov-on-Don in the Second World War. When the Park greenhouse was dismantled (1986), thelawns and beds lost its former elegance and wealth.

Currently, the foliage of the lindens has grown and require skilled pruning, and sometimes invade the modern pavilions of the Park. The phony alley remains a unique place of Rostov-on-Don because here every tree that survived the Great Patriotic war, is a rarity and joy.


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