Linden Woods, Winnipeg

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Linden Woods
Location of Linden Woods within Winnipeg
Location of Linden Woods within Winnipeg
Country  Canada
Province  Manitoba
City Winnipeg
 • Land 3.6 km2 (1.4 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 10,210
 • Density 2,826.2/km2 (7,320/sq mi)
Racial Group
 • White 74.0%
 • Aboriginal 1.3%
 • Visible minority 24.7%
Locations Type Location
• Neighbourhood Cluster Fort Garry North
• Community Area Fort Garry
• Police District District 6
• City Council Ward River Heights-Fort Garry Ward

Linden Woods is a neighborhood in the southwest corner of city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada a part of the Fort Garry North neighborhood cluster. The first phase was designed by IDE (Interdisciplinary Engineering Company) in 1980. The construction of houses began in 1982.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is a lake that adjoins Van Walleghem Park and Muys Park. Around 2400 homes, set up in a curvilinear style typical of new suburbs revolve around the lake. Wilkes Avenue and the Sterling Lyon Parkway form the northern border, McGillivray Boulevard forms the southern border, Waverley Street forms the eastern border and Kenaston Boulevard forms the western border.


In 2011, the population of Linden Woods was 10,210.[1] The racial make-up was 74% White, 1.3% Aboriginal and 24.7% being a Visible Minority; 10% South Asian, 8.3% East Asian, 4.3% Southeast Asian, and the rest fall into another group. Linden Woods is 3.6 km squared, which has a population density of 2,826.2 people per square kilometer.

Linden Woods is one of Winnipeg's wealthier neighborhoods, with a median household income of $104,927, which is more than double the city's, at $49,790. There are 3,150 dwellings in Linden Woods, worth an average of $288,444. Only 1.1% of dwellings are in need of major repairs, which is about 8 times lower than the city average. 91% of dwellings are owned.


Linden Woods is a quieter neighborhood with low crime rates. In 2012, there was only 1 robbery (10.5 per 100,000 residents), 3 motor vehicle thefts (31.4) and 21 break-ins (219.9).[2] All of these rates were significantly lower than the national average;[3] the robbery rate was 8 times lower, the auto-theft rate is 7 times lower, and the break-in rate is half that national rate.

Points of interest[edit]


There are 3 schools located in Linden Woods:


  • Muys Park
  • Van Walleghem Park
  • Kleysen Park


Public Transportation[edit]

Three bus routes travel through Linden Woods:[4]

  • Route 64 - Linden Woods Express
  • Route 84 - Windemere - Whyte Ridge (Lindenwoods Dr E)
  • Route 86 - Windemere - Whyte Ridge (Lindenwoods Dr W)

The 2006 census reported that 3.4% of the population uses the bus as their primary mode of transportation,[1] which is lower compared to the citywide rate at 14.2%.


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Coordinates: 49°50′03″N 97°11′28″W / 49.83417°N 97.19111°W / 49.83417; -97.19111