Lindquist Island

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Lindquist Island
Location Northern Australia
Coordinates 17°39′25″S 146°09′36″E / 17.657°S 146.160°E / -17.657; 146.160Coordinates: 17°39′25″S 146°09′36″E / 17.657°S 146.160°E / -17.657; 146.160
Area 0.07 km2 (0.027 sq mi)
State Queensland

Lindquist Island is about 90 km north of Dunk Island and east of the Cowley Beach Training area near Double Point and north of the South Barnard Islands. It is around 7 hectares or 0.07 square km in size.[1]

Lindquist Island is part of the North Barnard Islands.

This island is protected by the EPA Queensland in that migratory birds rest here.

The island is also a site for popular tourist kayaking and there have been sightings of Humpback whales.