Line 1, Chongqing Rail Transit

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Line 1, Chongqing Rail Transit
CRT1 Logo.png
重庆轨道交通1号线 粉色红色涂装车辆混用 此为1号线标志红色车辆1.JPG
Type Rapid transit
System Chongqing Rail Transit
Termini Chaotianmen
Stations 24
Daily ridership 574,000 (2014 Peak)[1]
Opened 28 July 2011
Operator(s) Chongqing Rail Transit Corp., Ltd
Line length 38.9 km (24.2 mi)
Operating speed 100 km/h (62 mph)
Route map
Chongqing Metro Map.png

Line 1 of Chongqing Rail Transit runs westwards from Chaotianmen to Daxuecheng. Line 1 begin operation on 28 July 2011.[2]

Line 1 runs 16.4 km (10.2 mi) from Chaotianmen in downtown Chongqing west to Shapingba, and eventually all the way to Shuangbei for a total length of 22.4 km (13.9 mi). It is the city's first all-heavy rail subway line and the second completed in Western China. Passenger capacity of the line is 36,000 passengers/hour/direction.

In 1992, the Chongqing government had signed a Build-Operate-Transfer in 1992 with a Hong Kong company, and provided the land for the project, but work ceased in 1997 due to legal issues.[citation needed] Work resumed on the first stretch of the line (from Chaotianmen to Shapingba) on 9 June 2007, and opened to limited operation on July 28.[3] An extension from Shapingba to Daxuecheng (University Town) began in 2009 and opened on December 21, 2012.

Line 1 has 14 stations, including from east to west: Chaotianmen, Xiaoshizi, Jiaochangkou, Qixinggang, Lianglukou, Eling, Daping, Shiyoulu, Xietaizi, Shiqiaopu, Gaomiaocun, Majiayan, Xiaolongkan, and Shapingba stations. Lieshimu, Ciqikou, Shijingpo, Shuangbei, Laijiaqiao, Weidianyuan, Chenjiaqiao, Daxuecheng (University Town), and Jiandingpo stations are scheduled to open in 2013 once the Phase 2 extension of Line 1 is complete.[dated info]

Line 1 has transfer interchange stations with Line 6 at Xiaoshizi and Line 2 at Jiaochangkou in Jeifangbei CBD and at Daping. Line 1 will have transfer station when Line 3 opens later in 2011 at Lianglukou, near the Chongqing Railway Station in the Caiyuanba section of central Yuzhong.

Service routes[edit]

Current stations[edit]

Station code
Station name
Station name
Platform types
1/01 Chaotianmen
under construction
朝天门 island (und) Yuzhong
1/02 Xiaoshizi 小什字 island (und)  6 
1/03 Jiaochangkou 较场口 island (und)  2 
1/04 Qixinggang 七星岗 island (und)
1/05 Lianglukou 两路口 island (und)  3 
1/06 Eling 鹅岭 island (und)
1/07 Daping 大坪 island (und)  2 
1/08 Shiyoulu 石油路 island (und)
1/09 Xietaizi 歇台子 island (und)
1/10 Shiqiaopu 石桥铺 island (und) Jiulongpo
1/11 Gaomiaocun 高庙村 island (und)
1/12 Majiayan 马家岩 island (und) Shapingba
1/13 Xiaolongkan 小龙坎 island (und)
1/14 Shapingba 沙坪坝 island (und)
1/15 Yanggongqiao 杨公桥 island (und)
1/16 Lieshimu 烈士墓 island (und)
1/17 Ciqikou 磁器口 side (elev)
1/18 Shijingpo 石井坡 side (elev)
1/19 Shuangbei 双碑 island (elev)
1/20 Laijiaqiao 赖家桥 island (elev)
1/21 Weidianyuan 微电园 side (elev)
1/22 Chenjiaqiao 陈家桥 side (elev)
1/23 Daxuecheng 大学城 side (elev)
1/24 Jiandingpo 尖顶坡 side (elev)


Station code
Station name
Station name
Platform types
1/25 Tuanshanbao 团山堡 (elev) Bishan
1/26 Xiuhu Park 秀湖公园 (elev)
1/27 Bishan Chengbei 璧山城北 (elev)
1/28 Bishan Qinggang 璧山青杠 (elev)