Line 1, Guangzhou Metro

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Line 1, Guangzhou Metro
GZM Line 1 icon.svg
Platform of Huangsha Station
Type Rapid transit
System Guangzhou Metro
Status Operational
Locale Guangzhou, China
Termini Guangzhou East Railway Station
Stations 16
Services 1
Daily ridership 2 million (2015 Peak)[1]
Opened 28 June 1997
Owner City of Guangzhou
Operator(s) Guangzhou Metro Corporation
Character Underground and At-grade
Line length 18.5 km (11.50 mi)
Number of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Overhead lines, 1,500 V DC
Route map
Reserved extension
GZ East Railway Station 3  Airport South Right arrow
GZ East Express train
Guangshen Railway
Tianhe Sports Center
Tianhe Coach Terminal Right arrow
Tiyu Xilu 3 
Panyu Square Right arrow
Yangji 5 
Left arrow Jiaokou – Wenchong Right arrow
Left arrow Changban
Dongshankou 6 
Martyrs' Park
Peasant Movement Institute
Connection with Line 2
Gongyuanqian 2 
Left arrow Jiahewanggang – GZ South Railway Station Right arrow
Left arrow Baiyun Lake – Wanshengwei Right arrow
Chen Clan Academy 8 
Changshou Lu
Huangsha 6 
Left arrow Xunfenggang
Pearl River
Down arrow Suiyan LuAotidong Right arrow
Fangcun 11   19 
Stream C, Huadi River
Xilang Depot
Left arrow Kuiqi Lu – Lijiao Right arrow
Xilang Guangfo 
Connection to GZ Steel & Iron Co., Ltd.

Line 1 of the Guangzhou Metro (Chinese: 广州地铁1号线; pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Dìtiě Yī Hào Xiàn) or Zhongshanlu Line (Chinese: 中山路线; pinyin: Zhōngshānglù Xiàn) runs from Xilang to Guangzhou East Railway Station (18.5 km). Apart from Kengkou and Xilang, all stations in Line 1 are underground.[2] Line 1's color is yellow.

  • June 28, 1997: Xilang - Huangsha
  • June 28, 1999: Huangsha - Guangzhou East Railway Station


Station Name
Station Name
Platform Types
Guangzhou East Railway Station 广州东站 island (und)  3 
Mainline rail interchange China Railway China Railway High-speed via Guangzhoudong
Tianhe Sports Center 体育中心 island (und)
Tiyu Xilu 体育西路 island (und)  3 
Bus rapid transit Guangzhou BRT
Yangji 杨箕 island (und)  5  Yuexiu
Dongshankou 东山口 island (und)  6 
Martyrs' Park 烈士陵园 island (und)
Peasant Movement Institute 农讲所站 island (und)
Gongyuanqian 公园前 ESP sol. (und)  2 
Ximenkou 西门口 island (und)
Chen Clan Academy 陈家祠 island (und) Liwan
Changshou Lu 长寿路 island (und)
Huangsha 黄沙 island (und)  6 
Fangcun 芳村 island (und)
Huadiwan 花地湾 side (und)
Kengkou 坑口 side (grd)
Xilang 西朗 side (grd)  Guangfo