Line 10 (CPTM)

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Line 10 (Turquoise)
Linha10 cptm.svg
CPTM 2100 Series (Originally called CAF 440) leaving "São Caetano" station, in the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil.
Type Commuter rail
System Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos
Status In operation
Locale São Paulo, Brazil
Termini Luz
Rio Grande da Serra
Stations 14
Opened 1867 as part of the São Paulo Railway
Owner Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos do Estado de São Paulo (English: State Secretariat for Metropolitan Transportation)
Line length 38 kilometres (24 mi)
Track gauge 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in) Irish gauge
Route map

Line 10 (Turquoise) is a line of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos commuter rail system in São Paulo, Brazil. The number of passengers on it increased because the integration to the Tamanduateí's station. [1]


Code Station Municipality Integration
LUZ Luz São Paulo Free access to Line 7 (Ruby), Line 11 (Coral) of CPTM, and Line 1 (Blue) of the São Paulo Metro. Future integration with Line 4 (Yellow) of the São Paulo Metro and Line 8 (Diamond) and Line 14 (Onix) of CPTM.
BAS Brás São Paulo Free access to Line 11 (Coral) and Line 12 (Sapphire) of CPTM, and Line 3 (Red) of the São Paulo Metro. Future integration with Line 8 (Diamond) and Line 7 (Ruby) of CPTM.
MOC Mooca São Paulo
IPG Ipiranga São Paulo Future integration with Expresso Tiradentes.
TMD Tamanduateí São Paulo Free access to Line 2 (Green) of the São Paulo Metro. Future integration with the ABC Region light rain system.
SCT São Caetano São Caetano do Sul Access to São Caetano do Sul urban bus terminal
UTG Utinga Santo André
PSA Prefeito Saladino Santo André Access to Bus Terminal de Santo André (TERSA)
SAN Prefeito Celso Daniel - Santo André Santo André Access to EMTU.
CPV Capuava Mauá
MAU Mauá Mauá
GPT Guapituba Mauá
RPI Ribeirão Pires Ribeirão Pires
RGS Rio Grande da Serra Rio Grande da Serra Bus access to Paranapiacaba via Campo Grande (Viação Ribeirão Pires).


2100 Series at Mooca station

The single model of train running at this line is the 2100 Series (Originally called CAF 440). Imported from Spain, this model was projected to take long journeys. Because of the cars' length, the model runs only in this line, which has long distances between the stations. Has only four doors per car (usually the CPTM trains have eight). Each train is composed by six cars with air conditioned.


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