Line 10 (Shenzhen Metro)

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Line 10
TypeRapid transit
SystemShenzhen Metro
StatusUnder construction
LocaleShenzhen, China
TerminiFutian Checkpoint
Shuangyong Street
Planned opening2020
Operator(s)SZMC (Shenzhen Metro Group)
Depot(s)Liangmao Hill Depot
Yitian stabling yard
Rolling stockCRRC Changchun (1001-1035) (8A)
Line length29.9 km (18.58 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Line 10 (simplified Chinese: 十号线; traditional Chinese: 十號線; pinyin: Shíhào Xiàn), also known as the Bantian line (simplified Chinese: 坂田线; traditional Chinese: 坂田線; pinyin: Bǎntián Xiàn) of the Shenzhen Metro began construction at the end of 2015; the line is expected to open in 2020.[1] Line 10 has a length of 29.9 km (18.6 mi) and a total of 23 stations. It connects the Futian Checkpoint to Shuangyong Street. In the southern terminus of the line, a 555 meters long and 50.5 meters wide double deck underground depot capable of storing 16 trains will be constructed.[2]


Line 10 was originally a low priority line to be constructed in the long term future called Line 16. In 2011, the Shenzhen Municipal Government approved the Longgang District Government to start the preliminary work on Line 10.[3] On 2013, the Shenzhen Municipal Government renumbered Line 16 into Line 10 and included it in the Phase III expansion.[4][5] The original Shenzhen Metro Line 10 was renumbered to Line 12 planned to be built in Phase IV.[6] This was done to fast track the construction of the line to ease the pressure on Line 4 and accommodate further growth of the Longgang area.[7][8] The line was redesigned to handle 8 car trains instead of the original specification of 6 cars to increase the line's ability to handle the growing transport demand in Shenzhen.[9]


Station name Connections Nearby bus stops Distance
English Chinese
Shuangyong Street 双拥街 Longgang
Pinghu 平湖
Hehua 禾花
China South City 华南城
Mugu 木古
Shanglilang 上李朗
Liangmao Hill 凉帽山
Gankeng 甘坑
Xuexiang 雪象
Gangtou 岗头
Huawei 华为
Bei'er Road 贝尔路
Bantian North 坂田北
Wuhe 五和 5
Guangyayuan 光雅园
Nankeng 南坑
Yabao 雅宝
Maling 孖岭 9 Futian
Donggualing 冬瓜岭
Lianhuacun 莲花村 3
Gangxia North 岗厦北 2  10   14 
Gangxia 岗厦 1
Fumin 福民 4 7
Futian Checkpoint 福田口岸 4(MTR Corporation icon.svg      via LMC [thru border check])


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