Line 11 (Madrid Metro)

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Line 11
Avenida de la Ilustración Madrid-MetroLinea7.svg
Herrera Oria Madrid-MetroLinea9.svg
Ramón y Cajal
Monforte de Lemos
Chamartin Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg Cercanias Logo.svg
Avenida de San Luis
Atalaya Madrid-MetroLinea8.svg
Arturo Soria Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg
San Juan Bautista
Hospital del Aire
Ciudad Lineal Madrid-MetroLinea5.svg
Ascao Madrid-MetroLinea7.svg
La Elipa Madrid-MetroLinea2.svg
Marqués de Corbera
Fuente del Berro
Sainz de Baranda Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg Madrid-MetroLinea9.svg
Hospital Niño Jesús
Atocha Renfe Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg Cercanias Logo.svg
Palos de la Frontera Madrid-MetroLinea3.svg
Puente de Praga
↑ planned extension
Plaza Elíptica Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg
Pan Bendito
San Francisco
Carabanchel Alto
La Peseta
La Fortuna
↓ proposed extension
San Nicasio Madrid-MetroLinea12.svg
Leganés Central Madrid-MetroLinea12.svg

Note: South extension will be to either
San Nicasio or Leganés Central.

Line 11 of the Madrid Metro opened between Plaza Elíptica and Pan Bendito on 16 November 1998. For eight years it had only three stations. In 2006 the line was extended from Pan Bendito to La Peseta with two intermediate stations. In 2010 the line was extended to La Fortuna with no intermediate stations. Line 11 however is projected to become one of the longest lines in Madrid. The plans show the line should run from:

  • Leganés Central or San Nicasio, still under planning-Transfer to Line 12. Outside Madrid, Zone B1
  • Then current stations (La Fortuna-Plaza Elíptica)
  • Puente de Praga
  • Arganzuela
  • Palos de la Frontera-Transfer to Line 3
  • Atocha Renfe-Transfer to Line 1 and Renfe suburban and intercity services
  • Hospital Niño Jesús
  • Sainz de Baranda-Transfer To Lines 6 and 9
  • Fuente del Berro
  • Marqués de Corbera
  • La Elipa-Transfer to Line 2
  • Ascao-Transfer to Line 7
  • Ciudad Lineal-Transfer to Line 5
  • Hospital del Aire
  • San Juan Bautista
  • Arturo Soria-Transfer to Line 4
  • Atalaya-Transfer to Line 8
  • Avenida de San Luis
  • Chamartin-Transfer to Lines 1 and 10 & Renfe intercity and suburban services
  • Monforte de Lemos
  • Ramón y Cajal
  • Herrera Oria-Transfer to Line 9
  • Avenida de la Ilustración-Transfer to Line 7

Plaza Elíptica-Avenida de la Ilustración is planned to be built in the next project phase. The link to Metrosur at Leganés Central or San Nicasio is on the plans and should also be built. A date has not yet been given for opening, but the line is under construction. Line 11 uses four-car trains of class 8400 large rolling stock since the La Fortuna extension was built, however it used to run with class 3000 small rolling stock.