Line 14 (Shanghai Metro)

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Line 14
Other name(s)M6 (planned name)
TypeRapid transit
SystemShanghai Metro
StatusUnder construction
LocaleShanghai, China
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Line 14 of the Shanghai Metro is a metro line under construction and scheduled to open in 2020.[1] The line, consisting of 31 stations, will start from Fengbang town in Jiading District, and terminate in Jinqiao town in Pudong New Area via Zhenru, Jing'an Temple, Dashijie, and Lujiazui. Its length will be 39.1 kilometres (24.3 mi),[2] and passengers will be able to transfer to 13 existing and planned metro lines.[3] Due to Line 14 cutting across some of the densest areas of Shanghai and being a reilef line for Line 2, high ridership is expected for the line. As such the line will use high capacity 8 car A size trains similar to Lines 1 and 2.[4] The line is considering the use of a signal system jointly developed by Thales and Shanghai Electric to allow for fully automated driverless operation.[5]


Environmental evaluations began on January 2, 2014.[2] On November 29, 2014, construction began on a section in Pudong New Area.[6]


Station name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Fengbang 封浜 0.0 0.0 Jiading
Jinyuanwu Road 金园五路
Lintao Road 临洮路
Jiayi Road 嘉怡路
Cao'an Highway 曹安公路
Zhenxin Xincun 真新新村
Zhenguang Road 真光路 Putuo
Tongchuan Road 铜川路  15 [note 1]
Zhenru 真如  11 
Zhongning Road 中宁路
Dongxin Road 东新路  3   4   11  (at Caoyang Road)[note 2]
Wuning Road 武宁路  13 
Wuding Road 武定路 Jing'an
Jing'an Temple 静安寺  2   7 
South Huangpi Road 黄陂南路  1  Huangpu
Dashijie 大世界  8 
Yuyuan Garden 豫园  10 
Lujiazui 陆家嘴  2  Pudong
South Pudong Road 浦东南路
Pudong Avenue 浦东大道  4 
Yuanshen Road 源深路
Changyi Road 昌邑路  18 [note 1]
Xiepu Road 歇浦路
Longju Road 龙居路
Yunshan Road 云山路  6 
Lantian Road 蓝天路  9 
Huangyang Road 黄杨路
East Jinxiu Road 锦绣东路
Jingang Road 金港路
Jinyue Road 金粤路
Guiqiao Road 桂桥路


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  2. ^ Out-of-station virtual transfer to Lines 3, 4, and 11 at Caoyang Road station – passengers who hold the Shanghai Public Transportation Card and transfer within 30 minutes of exiting the station are able to transfer here to continue their journey.