Line 2 (Madrid Metro)

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Line 2
Las Rosas
Avenida de Guadalajara
La Almudena
La Elipa
Ventas Madrid-MetroLinea5.svg
Manuel Becerra Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg
Goya Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg
Príncipe de Vergara Madrid-MetroLinea9.svg
Banco de España
Sol Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg Madrid-MetroLinea3.svg Cercanias Logo.svg
Ópera Madrid-MetroLinea5.svg Madrid-MetroRamal.svg
Santo Domingo
Noviciado Madrid-MetroLinea3.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg
San Bernardo Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg
Canal Madrid-MetroLinea7.svg
Cuatro Caminos Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg

Line 2 of the Madrid Metro was opened on 11 June 1924 between Sol and Ventas. It was later extended from Sol to Quevedo on 27 December 1925 and from Quevedo to Cuatro Caminos on 1 September 1929. In 1932, a branch from Goya to Diego de León was added. This branch was transferred to Line 4 in 1958. In 1964 the line was extended from Ventas to Ciudad Lineal, though it was really the first part of Line 5, transferred to the latter in 1970. Later, Canal Station was added between Quevedo and Cuatro Caminos to provide interchange with the extended line 7 on 16 October 1998. On 16 February 2007 the line was extended from Ventas to La Elipa, and in the future this station will provide interchange with Line 11, but no date has been set for this. Finally, on 16 March 2011, the line was extended from La Elipa to Las Rosas.

Line 2 uses four-car trains of class 3400 since summer 2007.



Coordinates: 40°25′05″N 3°41′57″W / 40.4180°N 3.6993°W / 40.4180; -3.6993