Line 2 (Ningbo Rail Transit)

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Line 2
Ningbo Railway Station metro platform, 2015-07-25 01.JPG
TypeRapid transit
SystemNingbo Rail Transit
LocaleNingbo, Zhejiang, China
TerminiLishe International Airport
Opened26 September 2015
Operator(s)Ningbo Rail Transit Co.,Ltd.
Line length28.35 km (17.62 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Line 2 of Ningbo Rail Transit (Chinese: 宁波轨道交通2号线) is a rapid transit line in Ningbo. It stretches from Ningbo Lishe International Airport in the southwest towards Zhenhai District in the northeast of the city and will further run into Xiaogang Township, Beilun District. The line started service on 26 September 2015.[1]


Line 2 is the second metro line in Ningbo. It starts near Ningbo Lishe International Airport and stretches eastwards as underground tunnels. After reaching Youngor Avenue it turns northwards and passes Ningbo Textile City following which the route zigzags into Ningbo Coach Terminal and then goes eastwards while crosses Ningbo railway station, the main railway station of the city. Then the route extends northwards into Jiangbei District and turn eastwards until it reaches Lulin Market, where it turns into viaducts before reaching Zhenhai District. The line will go further into Honglian in the second phase of construction.[2]

Opening timeline[edit]

Segment Commencement Length Station(s) Name
Lishe International Airport — Qingshuipu 26 September 2015 28.4 km (17.65 mi) 28 Phase 1


Station name Connections Distance
English Chinese
Lishe International Airport 栎社国际机场 Ningbo Lishe International Airport NGB 0.00 0.00 Haishu
Lishe 栎社 2.40 2.40
Yinzhou Avenue 鄞州大道 1.67 4.07
Shiqi 石碶  5  1.11 5.18
Qingfangcheng 轻纺城 1.24 6.42
Ouchi 藕池 1.47 7.89
Coach Terminal 客运中心 1.20 9.09
Liyuan South Road 丽园南路 1.00 10.09
Yunxia Road 云霞路 0.85 10.94
Ningbo Railway Station 宁波火车站  4  (Ningbo ICR logo.svg  Yongyu ) Ningbo railway station NGH 1.30 12.24
Chenghuangmiao 城隍庙 1.48 13.72
Gulou / Drum Tower 鼓楼  1  0.60 14.32
Waitan Bridge 外滩大桥  7  1.40 15.72 Jiangbei
Zhengda Road 正大路  6  0.80 16.52
Nijiayan 倪家堰 1.07 17.59
Yasaiyan 压赛堰 1.20 18.79
Datong Bridge 大通桥  3  0.60 19.39
Kongpu 孔浦 1.05 20.44
Lulin 路林 2.10 22.54
Sanguantang 三官堂  5  0.87 23.41
Ningbo University 宁波大学 1.30 24.71
Qingshuipu 清水浦 2.85 27.56 Zhenhai

Phase 2 (under construction)[edit]

Station name Connections Location
English Chinese
Wulipai 五里牌 Zhenhai
Fengyuan 枫园
Congyuan Road 聪园路
Zhaobao Mountain 招宝山
Honglian 红联  6  Beilun


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