Line 5 (Hangzhou Metro)

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Line 5
Type Rapid transit
System Hangzhou Metro
Status Under construction
Locale Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Termini Kejidao
Xiangzhang Road
Stations 38(Phase 1 36, Phase 2)
Services 1
Planned opening 2019
Owner City of Hangzhou
Operator(s) Hangzhou Metro Corporation
Character Underground and Elevated
Line length 51.5
(48.6 in Phase 1, 2.9 in Phase 2)
Electrification Third rail, 1,500 V DC
Line 5 drawn to scale.

Line 5 of the Hangzhou Metro (simplified Chinese: 杭州地铁五号线; traditional Chinese: 杭州地鐵五號線; pinyin: Hángzhōu Dìtiě Wǔhào Xiàn) is a subway line under construction. The line will be 51.5 km (32.0 mi) long and will ply between Lyuting Road station in Yuhang District and Xiangzhang Road station in Xiaoshan District in the east, passing through downtown Hangzhou and providing transfers with multiple other lines in the system. Phase 1 of the line is expected to be operational by late 2019. The line is colored cyan on system maps.


Station name Connections
English Chinese
Lüting Road 绿汀路  3   Lin'an 
Chuangxin Road 创新路
Central Park 中央公园
Cangqian 仓前
Hangzhou Normal University 杭师大
Chang'er Road 常二路
Wuchang 五常
Jiangcun 蒋村
ZJU Zijingang 浙大紫金港
Sanbacun 三坝村  2 
Yile Road 益乐路
Moganshan Road 莫干山路  10 
Jvzhou Road 巨州路
Shangtang Road 上塘路
Shenban Road 沈半路  3 
Zaixing Road 再行路
Dongxinyuan 东新园  8 
Star of the City 城市之星
Datieguan 打铁关  1 
Baoshanqiao 宝善桥
Jianguo North Road 建国北路  2 
Pinghai Road 平海路  9 
Chengzhan 城站  1  7 [1]China Railway China Railway High-speed Hangzhou
Jiangcheng Road 江城路  7 
Houchao Road 候潮路
Nanxinqiao 南星桥  4 
Changhe Road 长河路  6 
Jianghong Road West 江虹路西
Jianghui Road 江晖路
Binkang Road 滨康路  1 
Qingnian Road 青年路
Jinji Road 金鸡路  14 
People Square 人民广场  2 
Yucai Road 育才路
Tonghui Road 通惠路
Hangzhou South Railway station 火车南站  11  China Railway China Railway High-speed Hangzhounan
Xincheng Road 新城路
Xiangzhang Road 香樟路  13   14   Keqiao 

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