Line 5 (Madrid Metro)

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Line 5
Alameda de Osuna
El Capricho
Torre Arias
Ciudad Lineal
Pueblo Nuevo Madrid-MetroLinea7.svg
El Carmen
Ventas Madrid-MetroLinea2.svg
Diego de León Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg
Núñez de Balboa Madrid-MetroLinea9.svg
Rubén Darío
Alonso Martínez Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg
Gran Vía Madrid-MetroLinea1.svg
Callao Madrid-MetroLinea3.svg
Ópera Madrid-MetroLinea2.svg Madrid-MetroRamal.svg
La Latina
Puerta de Toledo
Acacias Madrid-MetroLinea3.svg Madrid-MetroCercanias2.svg
Pirámides Madrid-MetroCercanias2.svg
Marqués de Vadillo
Oporto Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg
Vista Alegre
Eugenia de Montijo
Aluche Madrid-MetroCercanias2.svg
Casa de Campo Madrid-MetroLinea10.svg

Line 5 of the Madrid Metro originally opened between Callao and Carabanchel on 5 June 1968, the latter sharing station platforms with then called Line S (for Suburbano) On 2 March 1970, the line was extended from Callao to Ciudad Lineal, however the section between Ventas and Ciudad Lineal was opened as part of line 2 in 1964. In 1976, section of Line S Carabanchel - Aluche was transferred to the line in order to provide easier transfer to downtown to new railroad line to Alcorcón and Móstoles, now part of Cercanías C-5 line. On 28 May 1980 the line was extended from Ciudad Lineal to Canillejas. On the 27 October 1999, Eugenia de Montijo station was added between Aluche and Carabanchel. The station is on the tunnel mouth of the line and is therefore overground. The mostly overground section between Aluche and Casa de Campo was handed over to Line 5 after Line 10 was extended south from Casa de Campo on 22 May 2002. On 24 November 2006, a two stop extension from Canillejas to Alameda de Osuna was opened. A unique feature of Line 5 is that it carries the only above ground island platform at Aluche, and it is the only station were the metro is above the Cercanías, which is normally the other way round. In the future, Line 5 is projected to be extended one stop north from Alameda de Osuna to Corralejos, where it will meet Line 8, however a new station will have to be built here to connect with line 5. Line 5 uses 6-car trains of mainly class 2000B, however there are a few class 2000As running on the line. It was the last line built in a narrow profile and gauge.

Line 5 map.


Coordinates: 40°25′58″N 3°40′59″W / 40.4328°N 3.6831°W / 40.4328; -3.6831