Line 7 (CPTM)

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Line 7 (Ruby)
Linha 7 - Rubi.png
Type Rapid transit
System Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos
Status In operation
Locale São Paulo, Brazil
Termini Jundiaí
Stations 17
Opened 16 February 1867 as part of the São Paulo Railway
Owner Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos do Estado de São Paulo (English: State Secretariat for Metropolitan Transportation)
Line length 61 kilometres (38 mi)
Track gauge 5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)
Route map
Line  1  to Tucuruvi
Line  11  to Estudantes
Luz  1   4   11 
Line  4  to Butantã
Line  1  to Jabaquara
Line  8  to Júlio Prestes
Line  3  to Corinthians-Itaquera
Palmeiras-Barra Funda  3   8 
Line  8  to Itapevi
5 kilometres (3.1 mi) mark
Av. Santa Marina level crossing
Água Branca
Bridge over Tietê River
10 kilometres (6.2 mi) mark
Vila Clarice
15 kilometres (9.3 mi) mark
Vila Aurora
20 kilometres (12 mi) mark
Passage under Rodoanel Mario Covas
25 kilometres (16 mi) mark
São Paulo
Passage under Viaduto Gino Dártora (SP-336)
30 kilometres (19 mi) mark
Passage under Viaduto Ver. José Carlos da Silva Jr.
Franco da Rocha
Passage under Viaduto Pref. Donald Savazoni
Franco da Rocha
35 kilometres (22 mi) mark
Passage under Viaduto Estrada do Lago
Baltazar Fidélis
Franco da Rocha
Francisco Morato
Francisco Morato
Passage under Viaduto das Camélias
40 kilometres (25 mi) mark
Botujurú Tunnel
Francisco Morato
Campo Limpo Paulista
45 kilometres (28 mi) mark
Campo Limpo Paulista
Passage under Viaduto Alfried Krupp
50 kilometres (31 mi) mark
Campo Limpo Paulista
Várzea Paulista
55 kilometres (34 mi) mark
Várzea Paulista
Passage under Viaduto dos Emancipadores
Várzea Paulista
60 kilometres (37 mi) mark
MRS Logística line to Campinas

Line 7 (Ruby) is a line of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos commuter rail system in São Paulo, Brazil. [1]


Code Station Municipality Integration
LUZ Luz São Paulo Free transfer to Lines 10 (Turquoise) and 11 (Coral) of CPTM, and Line 1 (Blue) of São Paulo Metro Future integration with Line 4 (Yellow) of São Paulo Metro.
BFU Palmeiras-Barra Funda São Paulo Free transfer to Line 8-Diamond of CPTM, and Line 3 (Red) of São Paulo Metro. Access to Terminal Rodoviário da Barra Funda.
ABR Água Branca São Paulo
LPA Lapa São Paulo
PQR Piqueri São Paulo
PRT Pirituba São Paulo Next to the Terminal Pirituba of SPTrans.
VCL Vila Clarice São Paulo
JRG Jaraguá São Paulo
??? Vila Aurora São Paulo under construction
PRU Perus São Paulo
CAI Caieiras Caieiras
FDR Franco da Rocha Franco da Rocha
BFI Baltazar Fidélis Franco da Rocha
FMO Francisco Morato Francisco Morato Transfer to the Jundiaí extension.

Jundiaí Extension[edit]

The trains coming from Luz stop at Francisco Morato and return to Luz. To continue to Jundiaí, passengers are required to switch trains. The stretch between Francisco Morato and Jundiaí has fewer trains and longer intervals. As of 9 November 2009, some trains (during off-peak hours and on a trial basis) run the full length of the line: Luz ↔ Jundiaí.

Code Station Municipality Integration
FMO Francisco Morato Francisco Morato Transfer to main Line 7 (Ruby).
BTJ Botujuru Campo Limpo Paulista
CLP Campo Limpo Paulista Campo Limpo Paulista
VPL Várzea Paulista Várzea Paulista
JUN Jundiaí Jundiaí


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