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Line 7
Hospital del Henares
San Fernando
La Rambla
Coslada Central
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Barrio del Puerto
Estadio Metropolitano
Change trains
Las Musas
San Blas
García Noblejas
Pueblo Nuevo
Barrio de la Concepción
Parque de las Avenidas
Avenida de América
Madrid-MetroLinea4.svg Madrid-MetroLinea6.svg Madrid-MetroLinea9.svg
Gregorio Marañón
Alonso Cano
Islas Filipinas
Guzmán el Bueno
Francos Rodríguez
Antonio Machado
Avenida de la Ilustración
Arroyo del Fresno
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Line 7 of the Madrid Metro originally opened on 17 July 1974 between Pueblo Nuevo and Las Musas. On 17 May 1975, the line was extended from Pueblo Nuevo to Avenida de América and for many years, this remained the length of Line 7. This was a problem as line 7 was very scarcely used. This was solved in 1998 and 1999 when an extension to Pitis was opened in four stages. First, it was opened between Avenida de América and Gregorio Marañón on 1 April 1998, then between Gregorio Marañón and Canal. Thirdly between Canal and Valdezarza and finally between Valdezarza and Pitis. Pitis however is the only station on the Madrid metro to have restricted opening times. This is because Pitis is a very small village, and the station's main purpose is to provide interchange for Renfe services. So most trains only run as far as Lacoma.


There is also a station built between Lacoma and Pitis called Arroyo del Fresno, but it is not open yet because the area around has not been developed. When this happens, the station is ready for immediate opening. On 4 May 2007, Line 7 was extended from Las Musas to the towns of Coslada and San Fernando. At Estadio Metropolitano, next to Atlético Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano stadium, passengers have to change trains for Metro-Este to Coslada and San Fernando - the so-called Line 7B. Line 7A uses 6-car trains of class 9000, and line 7B 3-car trains of class 9000.


The platforms at Islas Filipinas station.

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