Line of succession to the former German throne

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The German Empire and Kingdom of Prussia were abolished in 1918. The current head of the former ruling House of Hohenzollern is Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia. The Law of Succession used is Agnatic Primogeniture.

The Head of the House of Hohenzollern is styled His Imperial and Royal Highness the Prince of Prussia and is the titular German Emperor, King of Prussia. The house is smaller now than it was in 1918 because after the monarchy was deposed, many princes married morganatically, excluding their descendants from the list of dynastic princes. For example, the two eldest sons of Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia married morganatically.

Members of this family compose the Prussian Royal Family. There was no German Imperial Family as the only individuals with German imperial titles were the emperor, his consort, empresses dowager, the crown prince and the crown princess. There were no Princes of Germany, only princes of Prussia.

Line of succession in November 1918[edit]

 Emperor Wilhelm II

  1.   William, German Crown Prince (1882-1951)
  2.  Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (1906–1940)
  3.  Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia (1907-1994)
  4.  Prince Hubertus of Prussia (1909-1950)
  5.  Prince Frederick of Prussia (1911-1966)
  6.  Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia (1883-1942)
  7.  Prince Adalbert of Prussia (1884-1948)
  8.  Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia (1887-1949)
  9.  Prince Alexander Ferdinand of Prussia (1912-1985)
  10.  Prince Oskar of Prussia (1888-1958)
  11.  Prince Joachim of Prussia (1890-1920)
  12.  Prince Karl Franz of Prussia (1916-1975)
  13. Prince Henry of Prussia (1862-1929)
  14.  Prince Waldemar of Prussia (1889-1945)
  15.  Prince Sigismund of Prussia (1896-1978)
    King Frederick William III → Prince Charles of Prussia → Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia (1828–1885)
  16. Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia (1865-1931)
  17.  Prince Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia (1891–1927)
  18.  Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia (1895-1959)
    King Frederick William III → Prince Albert of Prussia (1809–1872) → Prince Albert of Prussia (1837–1906)
  19. Prince Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht of Prussia (1874–1940)
  20. Prince Joachim Albert of Prussia (1876-1939)
  21. Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (1880-1925)

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