Line of succession to the former Hanoverian throne

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The following is the Line of succession to the former Hanoverian throne:

The Kingdom of Hanover was abolished in 1866 and the Duchy of Brunswick in 1918. The Hanoverian royal family was also deprived of the Dukedom of Cumberland in 1919. The current senior male-line descendant of George III of the United Kingdom and head of the House of Hanover is Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover, titular King of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick, and Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. The Succession Law in Hanover and Brunswick is semi-salic, allowing for female succession but only on the extinction of the male line of the house.[1]

Succession in 1866[edit]

In the event of the extinction of the above royal line the succession was to pass to the ducal Brunswick line.[1] Living members of that line in 1866 were: