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Liner or LINER may refer to:

Line drawing[edit]


  • Acoustic liner, a sandwich panel made by porous facing sheet (e.g. perforated metal sheet), a honeycomb layer, and an impervious back-sheet. It used to lower the noise of aircraft engines via Helmholtz resonance
  • Album liner, another name for a record sleeve or combination of sleeve and outer sheath (usually printed cardboard) in which a vinyl record is normally stored
    • Liner notes, text printed on or accompanying the sheaths, cases and other forms of packaging in which vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, etc., are stored
  • Bin liner, an item used as a protective layer fitted inside of a bin or another object
  • Landfill liner, a membrane placed at the bottom of landfills
  • Liner, an installation of well-drilling casing that does not extend to the surface
  • Liner (sewing)
  • Release liner, a paper or film used on labels and adhesive tapes to cover the adhesive until ready for use
  • Liner, a protection measure placed inside something to prevent it from getting dirty such as a plastic sheet or film.
  • Liner (gun), the innermost tube of a large gun.


Other uses[edit]