Ling Liang Chinese Church Trust, Calcutta India

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The Ling Liang Chinese Church Trust in Calcutta, India was founded by the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David Lamb, missionaries from Shanghai, China working with Rev. Dr. Timothy Dzao.


The Lambs arrived in India in 1949 and founded the Trust in 1961 after a decade of difficult and challenging ministry. They came with a vision to preach the gospel to the small Chinese community of about 25,000 in Calcutta, India and starting schools for people who did not have opportunities to be educated. In their three decades of faithful service they touched and changed the life of hundreds of people they came in contact with, many who became faithful believers.

Mary Lamb died in November 1994. David Lamb died in November 2002.


The Trust has two churches, Grace Ling Liang Church and Ling Liang Chinese Church, and two schools, Grace Ling Liang English School and Ling Liang High School under its umbrella.